स्टेन्ड-अप कॉमेडी (राइटींग & परफोर्मिंग)

स्टेन्ड-अप कॉमेडी (राइटींग & परफोर्मिंग)

स्टेन्ड-अप कॉमेडी (राइटींग & परफोर्मिंग)

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Learn How to Write & Perform Standup Comedy (Hindi Course)

Learn basics of Standup Comedy by Understanding How To Create & Perform Jokes In this Course, Where You will be learning the Techniques to Develop Comedy from Daily Chores.

Here’s Where We Help You Being A Better Comic. This Course is where an Expert Works On Your Standup Comedy Script Along With You. We Help You Churn Out The Essence, By Giving You A Better Storyline & Delivery To Enhance Your Overall Performance. We Believe In Making World A Better Place Through The Craft Of Comedy.

About The Trainer :
Mr. Amit Khuva, Founder of India’s Premiere Comedy Training Academy ‘Cafe Comedy’ is a well-known comedian of Gujarat & India’s First – World’s Youngest Standup Comedy Trainer as well. He had done more than 2500+ Live Shows along with around 500+ TV Episodes with 100M+ Views on YouTube & Having 12+ Years Experience In Comedy Performing & 6+ Years In Comedy Training.



– Format of a Joke
– Writing Comedy
– What to Write ?
– Drafting In Comedy Writing
– After-Writing


– Preparations of Going On Stage
– Dealing With your Fears
– Eye Contact
– During Performance
– Recordings & Rehearsals
– Performance


– Advices For Beginners
– Clarity is Magic
– Is Comedy Easy Or Hard ?
– What It Takes ?


– Thoughtfulness
– What Remains ?

If You Have Ever Wondered How to Make Jokes out of the Daily Routines, Unique Observations & Funny Incidents, This Course is For You.
This is your chance of becoming A Comedian & A Funnier Person, JOIN NOW!

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