3 Steps to be Fabric Expert

3 Steps to be Fabric Expert

3 Steps to be Fabric Expert

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Instructors: Basavaraj Patil

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Why You Should do this Course?

Imagine for the moment, you are looking at a fabric and you know which type Fabric it is, Which type of weaving it is, what might be the approximate minimum cost of the Fabric, and most important in your circle anyone want to know about the fabric in their mind your name will pop up first because you have taken this course.

What You will Get?

In this course you will get –

  1. 12 different types of Fabrics

  2. 12 Types weaving (With Practical Assignment to understand weaving)

  3. 3 Types of Knitting with 4 Designs of Knitting.

To be a fabric expert you need to understand Weaving thoroughly, so I have given an assignment to you in the course.

So I recommend you to take a step towards becoming fabric expert by knowing all types of fabrics and 2 Fabric Making methods that are weaving and knitting.

Best Luck..

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