Active Bystander Intervention

Active Bystander Intervention

Active Bystander Intervention

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Instructors: Christopher Bare

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The Goal of this course is to expose the student to the concepts of active bystander intervention, Committee of Tactical Emergency Causality Care (C-TECC) first care responder guidelines, and familiarize the student with broad concepts of trauma care.

The Objective of this course is to teach guidelines of care based upon the (C-TECC); First Care Providers. Further, to expose the student to the terms, equipment, and justification for Active Bystander Intervention.

At the Outcome of this course, the student will be able to explain…

-The influence of Hartford Consensus on Active Bystander Intervention

-Key terms associated with C-TECC First Care Provider Guidelines

-Difference between Hot and Warm zone environments

-Basic concept of care for trauma victims

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