Active Mindfulness, make Mindfulness work for you – All Day!

Active Mindfulness, make Mindfulness work for you – All Day!

Active Mindfulness, make Mindfulness work for you – All Day!

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Mindfulness meditation feels good! Enroll right now to find a whole new way of being mindful that feels great, all day long.

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You’ve already studied mindfulness meditation and felt some benefit, but YOU KEEP FORGETTING to be mindful, don’t you, when you’re out doing stuff, right?

You’re not reaching the ‘Gold Standard’ of Mindfulness!

The ‘gold standard’ of mindfulness is staying mindful while you do things.

So where are you going wrong, and why you aren’t enjoying your mindfulness all day long?

The answer is catching yourself the moment a new stimulus or idea arrives, and bridging that gap so you stay mindful while you do stuff. That’s the real goal for mindfulness.

This video course shows you in easy steps how to bridge that gap, and provides a practice road-map, so you can enjoy being mindful all day long!

Here’s the deal, most mindfulness meditation practise works like this:

Be conscious of yourself, be present in the moment, and non-judgementally take stock of what your mind and body are telling you.

There are many different ways to learn mindfulness meditation, ranging from awareness of the breath to focusing on compassion or loving kindness.

The benefits of mindfulness include less stress and anxiety, greater confidence, and living your life to the full.

And it’s simple enough, if you practice your mindfulness meditation – you’ve already found that out, right?

But I’ll bet my bottom dollar you keep drifting off when you’re following your breath. And most of the day you’re not mindful at all – more like mind-dull! All those hours spent in mindfulness meditation for only a little benefit. And is it really, honestly helping you, right now, when you’re using a computer or screen, or even doing anything where you have to keep reacting?

This is the gap that Active Mindfulness bridges.

Active Mindfulness instruction is fun, fast and fascinating.

We’ll take advantage of the skills I’ve built up over the years teaching people just like you, who love mindfulness, but struggle to keep it going all day long.

You’ll find…

  • Easy bite-sized training sessions.
  • Short, no-nonsense seven-minute mindfulness meditations.
  • Step-by-step instructions to build up your mindfulness.
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced mindfulness challenges in real-world settings to take your Active Mindfulness to the next level.
  • Bonus advanced techniques to help you flourish.
  • And regular updates, support and one-to-one help as you need it.
  • Your course is available on PC, Mac, Android and iphone, and on Udemy is backed by a no-quibble 30 day money back guarantee, so you’ve absolutely nothing to lose. Enroll, click “Take This Course” and start right away, or leave and stay stuck in the same old rut… you’re free to choose!

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