Acupuncture Explained

Acupuncture Explained

Acupuncture Explained

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Instructors: Letícia Lenzi

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This course presents an Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here you will understand, in a clear and systematic way, the historical, philosophical, cosmological and conceptual roots, which will give you a more solid basis to later understand the theoretical and practical foundations of Acupuncture.

Chinese medicine is a field of knowledge that must be studied step by step, without superficiality. Thus, before understanding basic theories like the Zang-Fu Theory, the Theory of the Five Movements, the Meridians, among others, the student must be clear about the formation of the conceptual framework of this ancient medicine.

This course is spoken in Portuguese, but we have added a precise and close caption that will provide you with an excellent learning experience.

If you are an Acupuncture student, a lover of Chinese Medicine, or even a therapist who wants to understand objectively what Chinese Medicine is and its fundamental characteristics, this course is for you!

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