Andrew Menaker – Video Package

Andrew Menaker – Video Package

Andrew Menaker – Video Package

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Andrew Menaker – Video Package   Dr. Andrew Menaker is a psychologist (Ph.D. in clinical psychology, masters degree in experimental research psychology with an emphasis in sports psychology and performance enhancement).He has been a psychological consultant and coach for financial professionals and institutional traders since 1995. Andrew is an active trader in several markets, his preferred instrument is the S&P 500 e-mini and other index futures. Andrew?s services as a consultant and coach are highly sought after.Video 1: Acting in your own Best Interest. Get immediately download Andrew Menaker – Video Package   An edited presentation to a group of traders in Las Vegas in April 2010.Andrew draws from his personal experience as a trader and professional experience working with traders to show what works and what doesn?t work in trading psychology.Video 2: The Search for Perfection and the Need for Precision.   This Video addresses how a strong need for perfectionism can negatively impact a trader. Learn practical techniques for overcoming this issue.Video 3: Performance Anxiety.   All traders experience performance anxiety. Andrew discusses the differences between independent trading and OPM (Other Peoples Money).Video 4: Tools for Managing Fear and Greed – Gratitude and Humility.   Gratitude and mindfulness are powerful tools to help you manage ego and emotions. More practical tips are provided.  

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