Astral Projection The Ultimate Guide Accredited Diploma

Astral Projection The Ultimate Guide Accredited Diploma

Astral Projection The Ultimate Guide Accredited Diploma

Regularprice: 69.99$   –   Saleprice: 13.99$

Duration: 10.5 hours   – Rating: 4.6681004

Instructors: Tom Llewellyn,Soulremember Academy

Reviews: 71   –  Salepage

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#Bestselling and Highest Rated Astral Projection Course on Udemy

#Accredited Diploma course through the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association

===Questions for You===

Would you like to enter into the exciting voyage of discovery that astral projection offers? 

Would you like to learn how to have regular out of body experiences?

Would you like to know what the key states of consciousness are that allow obe’s to manifest for you in your life?

===What to Expect===

In this course you will learn the Ultimate Guide to Astral Projection. You will learn how to regularly access the out of body state and you will learn how all the part of the astral projection jig-saw fit together. You will find out how to access deep states of relaxation, the mind awake body asleep state and also how to access the mysterious vibrations which come as a calling and precursor to an astral projection experience. You will also learn the difference between a Lucid Dream and a conscious out of body experience and how you can transition from one to another. 

===What’s Included===

52 lectures of carefully presented teachings, techniques, meditations and practices that powerfully open the doorway to the experience of Astral Travel. Expert information and guidance on how to overcome the common challenges that people face on their journey into effective astral projection.

A certificate of completion will be be given to the students from Udemy and also a separate one from facilitator (the later available upon request)

===New Announcement===

As bonus material for everyone, we are very fortunate to have an in depth discussion and Q&A with author Robert Peterson (who has written 3 books and has 40 years worth of experience and research of obe’s) and Daniel Kelley (author and obe’s teacher). This video includes some great info on the Science of Out of Body Experiences

===Accredited Certificate===

When you finished the course contact Tom to receive your official accreditation certificate. Accredited by Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, course offered by registered member and course provider Soulremember Academy & Retreats (Tom Llewellyn)- membership no 10664059  

=== About the Facilitator===

Your facilitator and bestselling  tutor Tom Llewellyn has 20 years of experience within the realms of meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. He’s also a trained and skilled teacher of Kundalini Yoga and a trained Sound Therapist and has also written two books.

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