Barron Cruz – Vocal Power and Tonality

Barron Cruz – Vocal Power and Tonality

Barron Cruz – Vocal Power and Tonality

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Barron Cruz – Vocal Power and Tonality   INSIDE, YOU’LL DISCOVER… Why the power, tone and pitch of your voice determines your overall success in life, regardless of your individual goals and aspirations  How your voice (and not your watch or car) sends a subconscious signal “telling” people to either like and trust you or run the hell away  The reason why most people communicate uncertainty and lack of confidence in their beliefs/ideas/frame… even when they’re totally certain in them! Plus, an instant fix to make sure your ideas are always understood correctly by those listening  Why some people just “have great voices” and you may not… Reverse engineer their biggest secret and instantly fix your projection!  What has to be true for anyone to respect you and want to hear what you’re saying… and how to manufacture this missing ingredient by simply changing “how” you say things (not “what” you say)!  A simple system that instantly makes you sound more confident, charismatic & trustworthy… even if you were born with a weak voice – guaranteed!  The 4 unconscious questions all people will ask themselves while listening to you and how to guarantee the answer is exactly what you want it to be  How to easily sub communicate “I have a high level of social status” using only your voice. Be careful – you may be communicating the opposite right now!  People link your voice with your perceived dominance, honesty, trustworthiness, confidence and even how attractive you are! Discover how to increase you’re levels off all 3!  Most experts who know everything there is to know about their field of expertise never get any recognition (praise or profits)? Discover how to not let it happen to you!  Do you have a nasal voice? Do people find your voice monotonous or nerdy? Find out why the voice you’re born with doesn’t matter. Let us show you how to tap into your perfect speaking voice within minutes of getting started – that’s a guarantee (read below)! Get immediately download Barron Cruz – Vocal Power and Tonality The opposite is true – discover why it’s not enough to have a booming “Barry White” voice to become a highly paid go-to expert in your field  What’s the secret your voice is telling others about you? . . . Even when you are doing your best to hide it!  The psychological trick to sounding powerful, competent and confident in any situation  The one behavior necessary to become a respected authority in your field you’ve been conditioned to avoid since you were a child…  How to easily leverage the 3 types of tonality to make people like you and trust you. Hint: you only need to use one and avoid the other two!  Everyone’s voice is different. Here’s how to find your perfect peak resonance  How to find your personal “sweet spot” to produce a stronger, resonant, bravado “chest voice” which communicates a dynamic image  How to intensify your voice through a new way of breathing  How to not let your voice creep up to your nose (if you have an annoying, nasally voice)  Why you should slow down when you talk, even though you’re scared to sound like an idiot Take It With You! AUDIO BASED – this program was recorded with ultra-HD microphones providing flawless audio quality. You can listen while you work out, travel, drive or any other time you can rock your ear buds.

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