Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better Tonight Using Proven Techniques

Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better Tonight Using Proven Techniques

Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better Tonight Using Proven Techniques

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I have put together Beat Insomnia: Sleep Better Tonight Using Proven Techniques as I strongly believe that many people around the world are suffering needlessly, and governments and healthcare professionals are often letting them down.  In fact statistics from the Sleep Health Foundation show that up to 30% of people you know will experience insomnia at some point in their lives despite many people living more comfortable lives than ever before…

If you believe that you or somebody important to you in your life may be affected by insomnia, often a by product of anxiety this course is for you!  It explains what insomnia is from a medical perspective, it takes you the different stages of sleep and even includes a self-assessment with instructions on next steps, along with information you can take to your friendly local doctor.  This is very important, as sometimes the key symptoms that are causing insomnia can look like anxiety, but this can be incorrectly diagnosed.  Not many Udemy courses recognise this important fact.  

Everything discussed in this course is rooted in science, but I have tried to simplify the jargon so its a bit easier to listen to.  As a fully qualified yoga teacher with over 20 years meditation experience I believe that much can be achieved by working with the mind, but I know that this activity must be supported by a heathy and strong body that is heavily dependent on sleep.  It is for this reason that on the course you will learn to manage insomnia from both a physical and mental perspective.   

This course is suitable for all students and offers a proven path to access the important stages of sleep your body and mind crave.  Meditation and sleep hacks (tricks and tips) form the bulk of the learning material, please bear in mind though that this is only the start of your journey. If anybody suggests, that their course or school tells you everything you need to know, you may want to… well meditate on it. In the yoga world, we like to think that everybody is potentially your teacher, especially your students.

The time investment needed to see benefit from this course varies, but many people notice positive changes after practising the meditation for only 90 minutes per week for 3-4 weeks.  Regarding the sleep hacks, these can be integrated into your daily routine, and the amount you do to begin with will depend on your situation and resources. 

Thank you for dropping by, I hope to welcome you to the course soon,

Here’s to a health life with more sleep and less anxiety, fear & stress!

Laura Watson

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