Belly Dance Basics 2 – Lifts, Drops, & Arms

Belly Dance Basics 2 – Lifts, Drops, & Arms

Belly Dance Basics 2 – Lifts, Drops, & Arms

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Instructors: Amanda “Shyama” Garion

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In this second course in her Belly Dance Basics series, Shyama will teach hip movements like lifts, drops, and egyptians, as well as a variety of arm patterns. Combinations will be taught using individual moves to form the building blocks of a dance choreography of your own. Students will explore precise technique, fluidity, and varying speeds. After completing this course, students will have a foundation for continuing their dance study, and for practicing on their own.

Students will get a great start in learning to belly dance for fitness, fun, or performance! Belly dance is a naturally good core workout, designed to power muscles in your core, legs, arms, and back. Absolutely anyone can benefit and enjoy this art form–people of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes have enjoyed belly dance! Learning and performing belly dance can do wonders for self esteem, self confidence, and promote positive body image!  There is so much variety in belly dance–and Shyama gives you a sampling of her unique style set to metal music–Metal Fusion!

Whether you are looking to form a new and unique fitness regimen, learn a new style of dance, drill moves you already know, or just want to try something different, this course is for you! Shyama breaks down moves to their simplest aspects so students can follow along and learn the techniques.

This course is just one of a set of beginner courses Shyama intends to make. Keep looking for more classes, and feel free to make suggestions to the instructor!


If you’re looking for more from Shyama, check out her online studio:

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