Bill O’Hanlon – Get Your Book Published

Bill O’Hanlon – Get Your Book Published

Bill O’Hanlon – Get Your Book Published

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The first person I formally coached was my friend and colleague Warren Berland. He was telling me about an innovative therapy technique he had come up with and I said: “Warren, you have to write a book about that!” He looked at me as if I had two heads! “That’s what you do, Bill. I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing and publishing a book. I’ve never written anything.” “That’s okay, Warren. I know exactly how to get a book written and published and I’ll help you.” I did and Warren’s book, Out of the Box For Life, was picked up by an agent and published by Harper Collins, with an advance of tens of thousands of dollars. Pretty soon others were asking me if I could help them get their books written and published, and remembering the discouraging and frustrating time I had figuring it all out, I started helping them with the system I developed until by now I have coached over 150 books into publication from my students and coaching clients. Some decide to self-publish, which is quick and easy these days, and some decide to seek a publisher. One of my favorite students and coaching clients was Laura Crawshaw, who followed the system I taught her to get her book written and published (it is called Taming the Abrasive Manager, published by Jossey-Bass). Not only did having her book out increase her consulting and coaching clients, but it led to speaking engagements all over the world and the establishment of coaching institutes in several countries where people can learn her method for helping difficult executives. Other students and clients have discovered that through their books, they can earn extra income now and in the future, establish their reputations as experts, develop speaking careers or increase their speaking income and find fulfillment through getting their ideas out into the world where they can help others. More than that, they feel an increased sense of confidence after they become authors. So I decided to put all my knowledge of over 30 years experience writing and publishing books and coaching others into an online course to help you get your book written in months (rather than the years it used to take me for my first books) and to get your book published and sold.

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