Bill Walsh – 9×12 Postcard Guide

Bill Walsh – 9×12 Postcard Guide

Bill Walsh – 9×12 Postcard Guide

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Bill Walsh – 9×12 Postcard Guide   Jake “Bob Ross” here and I’m happy to introduce to you one of our longest 9×12 Veterans, Bill Walsh.You may remember him fromthis podcast episode, which is well worth listening to.He’s been releasing 9×12’s for close to 7 years, releasing a cardevery single month,while working a corporate job that makes him travel 2-3 weeks per month.And today he’s put together a fantastic guide revealing his personal card-filling process!He blew my expectations away with a 24 page all-meat manual covering everything from picking out territories, to pitching, to closing,and even down to to how he brings the mailings to the Post Office.And he’s even included a separate guide on all the objections he gets and how to handle each one.This is already a must-read for every 9×12 enthusiast out there.Bill’s Story(Copied from the first page of the guide) …“My wife and I had opened a lingerie business in our home town.This was always a dream of hers.Our store had been open for six years, but frankly we were struggling.I tried to help out where I could. My assistance was limited as women are not normally comfortable with men helping them pick out lingerie (try as I did).I was able to assist in other ways, like putting together the website, claiming Google Places, cleaning up at night, helping with marketing, and other behind the scenes activities.Seven years ago I happened to be searching the Warrior Forum for ideas on how to market our business. That’s when I stumbled upon posts about the 9×12 system.Get other businesses to pay for the marketing of our business.This was brilliant.I needed to see if it would work, so I decided to start in an area where I didn’t know anyone, so that If I failed I wouldn’t be embarrassed.After getting everything together, I hit the streets.It worked! Get immediately download Bill Walsh – 9×12 Postcard GuideIn fact, the first business I even approached signed up.Since August, 2012, when I officially started,I have mailed out a 9×12 postcard every month.And I have a full-time corporate job. One that requires me to travel anywhere from 2-3 weeks amonth. I Leave on Monday and come home on Friday.So I have always had to be extremely organized in my time, especially when starting out.About a year after my first postcard, my marriage started falling apart. We closed the lingerie store in 2015 as it just was not sustainable.My wife and I ended up getting divorced.I have 3 children with whom I have shared custody. That means three kids to pay Child Support for. And in addition, of course I got socked with paying spousal support (no longer called alimony).My take home pay was basically cut in half.And I had to find a new place to live.I was left with peanuts on which to live. Without the 9×12 system, I would have been in almost uniminaginably deep financial trouble.But with help from this postcard alone, it has literally allowed me to maintain my lifestyle and pay for my oldest sons college education. In addition, I took all 3 children to Paris in February 2018 for winter break. “

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