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A 14-day course offering daily breathing practices to help you awaken your full life potential, energise your being and bring more joy and passion into your life.

Discover the huge impact proper breathing can have on your life. Awaken Your Breath, Awaken to Life. Reduce stress and anxiety and improve your health and mental clarity simply by awakening your breathing.

“Breathwork is essential for our physical and mental well-being and when it is done mindfully it can boost energy, transform your life and relieve physical and emotional pain.” Nisarga


1. Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental well-being, to bring a shift to their professional and/or private life or simply to boost their energy and vitality.

The breathing practices and techniques introduced in this course are simple and can help anyone reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind and improve physical health.

This course also offers a great range of tools and resources for professionals in the healing arts, such as bodyworkers, breathworkers, therapists, yoga practitioners/teachers who want to take their practice to the next level, improve vitality and deepen the connection to themselves and to those they serve. Regular breathing practice also helps to deepen and improve one’s experience of presence and meditation.

2. What will I learn?

* You will be introduced to 14 different breathwork practices to help you awaken your full breathing potential, allowing you to relax and relieve stress, activate your body’s innate healing abilities and cultivate clarity of the mind.

* Choose from a range of different breathing techniques to suit your individual needs at any given time and learn to apply them in your daily life to enhance or shift your energetic state as needed.

* Awaken your full energetic potential and learn how to self-regulate energetically, e.g. boosting your energy for an important event or calming your energy to be in a meditative state.

* Understand the connection between your breath, energy, body & mind, combining views from Western and Eastern healing traditions.

* Discover the basic principles of breath that will help you maintain a healthy state and vitality throughout your life, while also relieving pain and tension from body and mind.

This course will give you 14 simple yet profoundly efficient and effective breathwork practices to promote a range of mental and physical health benefits.

You will learn how to:

* Release pain and restore natural movement of the body

* Reduce stress, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and depression

* Lower and stabilize blood pressure

* Release deep tensions in muscle tissues and organs

* Boost your energy levels

* Calm the mind and enhance mental clarity

* Understand and balance your moods, feelings and emotions

3. Requirements

For the sitting practices you will need a comfortable chair, a cushion or a straight-backed chair. There are no physical prerequisites and no previous breathwork/meditation experience is required to take this course. However, please do pay attention to the contraindications for each breathing technique to make sure it is right for you.

4. Daily Sessions

Day 1: Observing the Breath

Day 2: Therapeutic Breath

Day 3: Harmonising Breath

Day 4: Grounding Breath

Day 5: Heart Breath

Day 6: Tantric Breath

Day 7: Breathe & Shake

Day 8: Biodynamic Breath

Day 9: Subtle Energy Breath

Day 10: Pranayama Breath

Day 11: Manifesting Breath

Day 12: Myofascial Unwinding Breath

Day 13: Diaphragmatic Breath

Day 14: Chakra Breath

5. About

In this course I am presenting the learnings and insights of my 20-year-long journey with breathwork and spirituality. During this time I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study different breathing practices from the Zen, Yoga, Tao, Sufi, Buddhist, Tantra and Osho traditions, each one touching me deeply and awakening me to more fully embodying my truth and potential in life.

This course contains a series of 14 instructional and informative videos introducing some of my favourite and most valued breathwork practices that will help you discover the power of proper breathing and to learn how to use it in your life to grow and transform. I owe so much in my life to these precious practices and my mission with this project is to share these gems with many more people so we can all experience the profound impacts of an awakened breath. Many of these practices are very simple yet they can have very powerful effects. They have survived over millennia and are now being re-discovered for their potential to help us navigate the challenges of modern life that we face as individuals and as mankind on this planet. I feel excited and honored to be a part of sharing these practices and I know that they will give each one of YOU exactly what you need.

6. Testimonials

Brian Tracy – Enrepreneur, professional speaker, best-selling author & success expert

“Nisarga is one of the most talented and sensitive professionals in the world today. His healing hands and breathing techniques were a blessing to me”.

Jakub Bączek – business trainer, author, public speaker, mental trainer.

“I highly recommend a session with Nisarga.  Something for the body and something for the spirit. The massage and breathing techniques with intention gives much better results, especially with somebody like Nisarga”.

Robert Zagożdżon – Visionary, inspirer, life coach, entrepreneur.

“Nisarga is a man of the new times: open and aware, as well as effective in action”.

His holistic approach to life brings a lot of new and uncommon competencies and evokes trust. It translates into his work, which is the art of understanding and healing breathing and the body. Thanks to his energy and breathwork, Nisarga can help us connect to our source of power and awareness in the body and mind, stimulating the processes which purify and heal the body and the soul. This is a rare ability. It is possible thanks to his exceptional personality”.

Ananda Sarita – Writer, spiritual leader, tantra teacher.

“After a session with Nisarga my posture is better and my life long neck stiffness has relaxed. Like a marvelous sculptor, he has brought out the best in my physical body with his strong, sensitive hands and his breathing methods”. 

Jan Mouton – Trauma Therapist

“Breathwork with Nisarga is the most effective trauma release approach I know about. It changes people lives and brings them closer to themselves. It has freed my capacity to love myself and the people around me again”.

Agata Swornowska – CEO Artemis Marketing Agency

“Nisarga beautifully and passionately speaks about how to care for breath, how to draw from its strength, how to use it. What is more, he also shows how to do that. The breathing sessions with him are not only the joint hours and exercises, it is primarily the basis for further work on the way to transformation. Nisarga wonderfully shows how much change the focus on breath can bring to our lives. It is invaluable knowledge, just like the moments spent in common meditations were priceless”.

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