Brian David Phillips – Hypnosis Core Skills

Brian David Phillips – Hypnosis Core Skills

Brian David Phillips – Hypnosis Core Skills

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Brian David Phillips – Hypnosis Core Skills This is the complete comprehensive basic hypnosis training package, including: One: Workhorse Hypnosis Inductions Two: Imaginative Suggestibility Three: Solid Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions Four: Trance Toolbox This video course covers basic hypnosis and more and is the premiere Video-Based Distance Education option for HYPNOSIS CERTIFICATION. In addition to comprehensive basic hypnosis coverage, every skill required for membership certification as a Hypnotist with the Society of Experiential Trance and much more is explained. The course may serve as an intensive review prior to a live course or examination or as a standalone course in its own right. View the explanations and demonstrations, practice the skills, and then contact one of the authorized instructors to complete a live or video-based examination toward qualification for certification. Those who submit their video examination materials to Dr. Phillips within one year of purchase of this complete DVD set and successfully complete the skillsets competence requirements will have their video examination fees and first year membership dues for the Society waived This course is built upon a practical approach of explanation and demonstration for skills. The content of this program makes up a Comprehensive Course in Basic Hypnosis. See the store page for more information about other products. ONE WORKHORSE HYPNOSIS INDUCTIONSComprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course Part One 2 hrs. 6 min. This DVD covers a number of solid workhorse hypnosis inductions. The material is explained and demonstrated. These are the inductions that work. WORKHORSE INDUCTIONS Dave Elman Induction Phillips-Elman Induction Eye Fixation Muscle Tension Relaxation Induction Progressive Relaxation Post-Hypnotic Reinduction Trigger Energy Induction Mesmeric Magnets Repeat Eye Closure DEEPENERS & EMERGING Breathing Deepener Dial Deepener Esdaile State, Hypnotic Coma State (Elevator) Fractionation Number Counting Deepener Sounds Around You Patter Staircase Deepener Emerging from Hypnosis Emerging from Abreaction Patter Coma Threat   TWO IMAGINATIVE SUGGESTIBILITYComprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course Part Two 1 hr. 57 min. This DVD provides comprehensive coverage of suggestibility effects (commonly referred to as suggestibility tests). This sort of comprehensive demonstration is very rare. Many hypnotists misunderstand the use of suggestibility effects and do not know how to convert the effects into full hypnosis. The material is explained and demonstrated. Finger Magnet Hand Magnet Hand Clasp Arm Levitation and Lowering (Balloon and Dictionary) Arm Stiffening Pendulum Ideomotor Acton Postural Sway Muscular Relaxation Finger Ideomotor Action Lemon Thirst Hallucination Eye Closure Spiegel Eye Roll Hand-Tingling Arm Lowering Arm Levitation Eye Catalepsy Leg Catalepsy Open Mouth Catalepsy Name Amnesia / Lips Catalepsy Stuttering Name Amnesia / Name Change Hand Shaking Fastening a Stick to Hands Impossible to Sit Impossible to Stand Drunk Induction Spontaneous Qigong Ouija Dancing Hot and Cold Hands Finger and Hand Relaxation Gag Putting it All Together into Sequences   THREE SOLID INSTANT AND RAPID HYPNOSIS INDUCTIONSComprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course Part Three 1 hr. 13 min. This DVD covers a number of instant and rapid hypnosis inductions. The material is explained and demonstrated. These are the solid speed hypnosis techniques that work. Conversions of suggestibility effects into rapid inductions are also covered with examples. INSTANT and RAPID INDUCTIONS Phillips Arm Pull Induction Clasped Hands Drop Back Induction Finger and Thumb Shake Technique Hand Drop Handshake Interrupt Pencil Drop Rapid Induction Rapid Hands Together Method Converting Suggestibility Effects into Speed Hypnosis Inductions (Arm Catalepsy, Stick Stuck to Hand, Impossible to Stand/Sit, and Hand Shaking examples) THEORY Eye of Experiential Trance Experiential Hypnosis Definition Formulating Suggestions and Limits TRANCE DEPTH PHENOMENA: Level One (Eyelid Catalepsy), Level Two (Arm Catalepsy), Level Three (Inability to Articulate), Level Four (Suggested Amnesia), Level Five (Positive Hallucination), and Level Six (Negative Hallucination) TRANCE PHENOMENA UTILIZATION: Age Progression, Age Regression, Amnesia, Dissociation, Negative Hallucination, Positive Hallucination, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion, Sensory Distortion, and Time Distortion   FOUR TRANCE TOOLBOX OF USEFUL HYPNOTIST SKILLSETSComprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course Part Four 1 hr. 58 min. This DVD covers a number of processes that are very beneficial for the working hypnotist. The material is explained and demonstrated. These are the processes that work and are appropriate for a number of contexts from hypnotherapy to education to entertainment to recreation and more. Anchoring Drug of Choice Technique (Phillips Drinking Finger) Experiential Guided Imagery Eyes Open Focused Trance and Hypnosis Flooding Sensory Experience with Positive Suggested States Phillips Happy Finger Phillips Higher Self Hypno-Sleep Phillips Magick Egg Fairy Dragon Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Trigger Response Phillips Vicarious Experiential Machine Process Pendulum Ideomotor Autoquestioning Nerve Cluster Induction (Placebo Expectancy) Get Brian David Phillips – Hypnosis Core Skills download right now!

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