Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads

Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads

Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads

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Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads We are living through some very fascinating times in our personal and collective lives. Things that seemed permanent are becoming impermanent. What was once up is now down. For some, this may be scary and for others it may be exciting. But what’s for certain is evolution and growth are a must, personally and collectively. Each month the moon moves throughout the entire zodiac from Aries to Pisces. There is a New and Full Moon each month in a new astrological sign. Each sign speaks to 30 degrees of human consciousness. A new moon is a time to plant or activate new energies according to where the Sun and Moon come together. And the full moon is the culmination or fulfillment of energies in a particular sign. The Moon Manifestation System was created at Progressive Love Academy to help us use the moon to manifest two short term goals each month. Utilizing the phases of the moon, we can easily tap into the power to manifest any short-term reality we desire! Beginning in September 10, 2020 the Moon Manifestation System will officially become an initiation for participants to step into their full, archetypal power. This year-long initiation will support you in learning to use the moon to create desired outcomes in every area of your life – plus infuse the energy of the archetypes you house, deep within. You will emerge with full mastery of your Lunar Emotional State! Get immediately download Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads TO WATCH THE 13 MOONS MANIFESTATION WEBINAR CLICK HERE Here are the themes for each month: September 9 – October 8 Virgo ♍️ New Moon and Aries ♈️ Full Moon Living in your body with support of the mind: Check Your Mind, Free Your Body October 9 – November 7 Libra ♎️ New Moon and Taurus ♉️ Full Moon Are Your Relationships Draining or Recharging You? November 8 – December 7 Scorpio ♏️ New Moon and Gemini ♊️ Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Embracing the Sacred Whore December 7 – January 5 | 2021 Sagittarius ♐️ New Moon (solar eclipse) Cancer ♋️ Full Moon Finding New Horizons In the terrain of your own heart ❤️ January 6 – February 3 Capricorn ♑️ New Moon Leo ♌️ Full Moon From Deep Collective Grief to Passionate Heart Based Creation February 4 – March 3 Aquarius ♒️ New Moon Virgo Full Moon Freeing Your Sexual Energy to Be of service to yourself and your community March 5 – April 3 Pisces ♓️ New Moon Libra Full Moon This is happening for me and not to me, how to really trust April 4 – May 2 Aries New Moon Scorpio ♏️ Full Moon Use Your Anger to Transform the World May 3 – June 1 Taurus New Moon and Sagittarius ♐️ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse What is Your Life Worth, Visioning Your Highest Freedom June 2 – June 30 Gemini ♊️ New Moon Capricorn ♑️ Full Moon Forgiveness, Sourcing Light From Shadow July 1 – July 30 Cancer New Moon Aquarius ♒️ Full Moon From Safety to Freedom July 31 – August 20 Leo New Moon Aquarius ♒️ Full Moon Showing Up, Sharing and Shining August 30 – September 27 Virgo ♍️ New Moon and Pisces Full Moon Perfecting the Art of Surrender TO WATCH THE 13 MOONS MANIFESTATION WEBINAR CLICK HERE The facilitators of this year-long, 13 Moons, Initiation are: Monique Ruffin aka Moon Mama Chrisstine Gulrajani – Hand Reader, Healer, and Intuitive PLA coach Chery Bourget – modern-day mystic, intuitive guide, and empowerment coach. TO WATCH THE 13 MOONS MANIFESTATION WEBINAR CLICK HERE There are two ways to join! Plan One: $97 per month for the basic Initiation! Plan Two: $250 per month for the basic Initiation plus one on one coaching with Monique Ruffin, or any of the Moon Mama coaching staff – each month! Once you join, you will be added to the Moon Video Libraries here plus the private Facebook Groups! We would love to have you with us for this powerful Initiation! Your Instructor Monique RuffinMonique Ruffin Monique Ruffin has studied with Dr. Michael Beckwith, of the Agape Center, Ron and Mary Hulnick of University of Santa Monica, Carl and Kenya K Stevens, of JujuMama LLC, and football great and astrologer, Ricky Williams. Each of these relationships has served to mentor her into the unique but ancient field of astrological coaching. Get immediately download Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads Course Curriculum New Initiates Welcome & Introduction START HEREMoon Phases at a GlanceLUNAR PHASE TO ARCHETYPE CORRESPONDENCEPreviewMysteries of the 13 Moons | Season Opening (45:46) PEACE PHASE – ENTIRE LUNAR CYCLE PEACE PHASE OVERVIEW PLANNING PHASE – LAST QUARTER PLANNING PHASE – QUICK START VIDEO (082616) (4:20)PLANNING ***MONEY TIPS*** (4:25)(OPTION 1): PLANNING INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): PLANNING OVERVIEW (031415) (27:04)PLANNING TOOLS WORKSHEET(OPTION 3): PLANNING (021315) (27:04)Fresh Zazen for Planning MeditationAries Warrior Achetype13 Moons Iniation Libra New Moon and Aries Full Moon Lover season (26:06)Cancer New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon (11:34) PLANTING PHASE – WANING CRESCENT PLANTING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (7:33)(OPTION 1): PLANTING INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): PLANTING OVERVIEW (031715) (25:11)PLANTING TOOLS WORKSHEETPLANTING – WINTER SOLSTICE (121914) (42:41)Planting Moon Ritual | Money Moon (72:30)Planting Moon Ritual | Portrait Planting (83:44)Planting Moon Ritual | Igniting the Energy of Scorpion (73:50)Trance Practice Ritual | Ecstatic Trance (65:21)Planting Meditation with Dolphins Video and Downloadable Audio (45:01)Planting Moon | Depression Remedies | SInging Bowls | Chat with Mama (54:40)Planting Meditation | Journal Exercise | Goal Tweaking |Deep Breathing (37:46)Planting Moon | Conception Ritual | March 27, 2017 (28:56)Planting Moon | Slow Quiet Meditation (34:30)Planting Drum Circle (44:29)Planting MOon Ritual Waters with Mama (51:26)The Bosom of Yemanja Meditation 11/13/17 (25:07)Planting Moon Meditation | September 8, 2018Planting Moon Meditation: New Moon in Libra (29:51)Libra New Moon Planting Meditation (38:49)Pisces New Moon Meditation 3/5/19 (22:28)New Moon In Capricorn Planting Meditation (44:44)Planting Ritual | Trance Practice and Transmutation (60:20) CLEARING PHASE – NEW MOON CLEARING PHASE QUICK START (13:58)(OPTION 1): CLEARING OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): CLEARING OVERVIEW (032115) (37:34)CLEARING TOOLS WORKSHEETPreviewDurga Ritual For Clearing Money Blocks (49:13) GATHERING PHASE – WAXING CRESCENT GATHERING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (13:49)(OPTION 1): GATHERING INTRODUCTION(OPTION 2): GATHERING OVERVIEW (032515) (10:10)GATHERING TOOLS WORKSHEETACT AS IF (VIDEO) (4:30)Gathering From The Root | Lacing™ Meditation SEEING PHASE – 1ST QUARTER SEEING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (12:16)(OPTION 1): SEEING OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): SEEING OVERVIEW (032815) (10:15)SEEING TOOLS WORKSHEET Get immediately download Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon AdsSeeing Moon Meditation | Transcend the Ego (May 2010) WOW!!!New Moon In Libra (61:34)New Moon Planting Meditation Libra (38:49)Scorpio Taurus Axis Discussion (45:32)Exploring the Sagittarius/Gemini Axis with Chrisstine Gulrajani (54:22) LEADING PHASE – WAXING GIBBOUS LEADING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (5:06)(OPTION 1): LEADING OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): LEADING OVERVIEW (040115) (15:14)LEADING TOOLS WORKSHEET DOING PHASE – FULL MOON DOING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (3:26)(OPTION 1): DOING OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): DOING OVERVIEW (040415) (9:36)DOING TOOLS WORKSHEETLibra Full Moon Breathing Meditaton 4/2020 (45:58) USING PHASE – WANING GIBBOUS USING PHASE QUICK START VIDEO (082216) (7:45)(OPTION 1): USING OVERVIEW(OPTION 2): USING OVERVIEW (041715) (9:34)USING TOOLS WORKSHEET CLOSING OUT THE MMS COURSE CLOSE-OUT (((NEW))) 9 PRIMARY MANTRAS AUM – PEACEHUM – PLANNINGVANG – PLANTING (4:32)KRING – CLEARINGKLING – GATHERINGSHRING – SEEINGHRING – LEADINGHLRING – DOINGAIM – USING (((NEW))) ATTRACTING WEALTH 00, 01 – PEACE & PLANNING – SETTING WEALTH GOALS02 – PLANTING – COMMITTING TO YOUR WEALTH FUTURE02B – COMMITTING TO YOUR WEALTH FUTURE MEDITATION03 – CLEARING – REMOVING WEALTH BLOCKAGES03B – CLEARING – REMOVING WEALTH BLOCKAGES MEDITATION04 – GATHERING – WALKING THE WEALTH WALK05 – SEEING – HOW TO COME INTO WEALTH06 – LEADING – TAKING ACCOUNTABILITY FOR YOUR WEALTH STATUS07 – DOING – PERSERVERANCE & SACRIFICE08 – USING – SPEAKING WEALTH INTO EXISTENCEFLOW CASH – REWIRE THE HARDDRIVEFLOW CASH – LIVING THE LUSH LIFE (((NEW))) ATTRACTING LOVE & MARRIAGE 00, 01 – PEACE PLANNING – IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU02 – PLANTING – STAYING COMMITTED02B – PLANTING – LADY MOON MEDITATION03 – CLEARING – RELEASING BAGGAGE & DOUBT04 – GATHERING – BECOMING THE WIFE HE WANTS TO MARRY04B – GATHERING – INCREASE YOUR FEMININE GLOW05 – SEEING – CHARTING A COURSE FOR MARRIAGE SUCCESS06 – LEADING – MAKING THE HARD CHOICES07 – DOING – COURAGE IS THE KEY08 – USING – AFFIRM YOUR TRUTHTHE LOVER’S ALLURE – CLASS #1 (56:46)THE LOVER’S ALLURE (((NEW))) ATTRACTING & UNDERSTANDING LOVE 00, 01 – PEACE PLANNING – UNDERSTANDING LOVE02 – PLANTING – COMMITTING TO LOVE02B – PLANTING – COMMITTING TO LOVE03 – CLEARING – RELEASING BLOCKAGES TO LOVE03B – CLEARING – RELEASING BLOCKAGES TO LOVE AFFIRMATIONS04 – GATHERING – BEING THE LOVE YOU DESIRE05 – SEEING – HOW TO FIND LOVE06 – LEADING – LOVE CHOICES06B – LEADING – CHOOSING LOVE07 – DOING – SOLDIER FOR LOVE08 – USING – AFFIRMING LOVE Frequently Asked Questions Get immediately download Brian Meeks – Mastering Amazon Ads How long do I have access to the course?As long as your membership remains active and in good standing.What if I am unhappy with the course?We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund. Read more:

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