Carlos Xuma – Approach Women 2

Carlos Xuma – Approach Women 2

Carlos Xuma – Approach Women 2

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Carlos Xuma – Approach Women 2 Approach Women 2: Meet Women Anytime – Anywhere, No Fear & No Rejection. REAL ALPHA DAYGAME. (I’m not going to blast you with cool product pictures here. Let me just make the contents speak for themselves.) In this new program, I pulled together all the most useful information available on approaching that I had. I’ve seen every program out there, and I’ve coached guys one-on-one for approaching for years, so I know what works for guys and what doesn’t. Spending hours learning “micro-control-hoop” theory is only going to continue to keep you frustrated. You need something simple – an easy HOW TO APPROACH process. Learning only the best parts that work will get you results. So if you’ve ever tried another one of those “methods” out there, you’re going to experience something completely different here. Approach Women 2  DVD 1: Inner Game of Approaching – No Fear/No Rejection SeminarApproach Women 2  DVD 2: The E.D.G.E. Method – Approach Strategy ProgramApproach Women 2  DVD 3: DayGame Domination Seminar & Approach SimulatorApproach Women 2  DVD 4: Approach Video Analysis – Mistakes, Examples, and Techniques explained visually with demonstrations of approaches… ApproachWomen2DayGame.pdf – Notes of the complete courseBONUS BLITZBONUS InterviewsBONUS PDFsBONUS VideoCD01- Intro – A Day in the Life of the Approacher – Core ConceptsCD02 – Total Inner Game I – Mindset and Mind GamesCD03- Total Inner Game II – Getting rid of your fearCD04- Power Approach I – How to approach, from the ground upCD05- Power Approach II – Later steps through escalationCD06- Power Approach PrinciplesCD07- Image – Tips – Mistakes Guys Make & How to Avoid ThemCD08- Exercises and Practice for Approach ExcellenceCD09- Approach Turbo-Boost Disc – Daily Approach MotivationCD10- Master Class- Don Diego Garcia – Approach Energy & VibingCD11- Master Class- Lance Mason – DEEP Rapport TechniquesCD12- Master Class- Oliver Turner – DayGame StrategiesCD13- Master Class- Scot McKay – Inner and Outer Game Q&ACD14- Master Class- David Wygant – Easy First Steps in DayGameCD15- Master Class- Love Systems – Identity, Inner & Outer DayGameCD16- Master Class- Will Hicks – Beliefs and Qualification StrategiesDVD1 CARLOSXUMA Inner Game of Approaching – No Fear/No Rejection SeminarDVD2 CARLOSXUMA The E.D.G.E. Method – Approach Strategy ProgramDVD3 CARLOSXUMA DayGame Domination Seminar & Approach SimulatorDVD4 CARLOSXUMA Approach Video Analysis – Mistakes, Examples, & Techniques

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