Certificate for Spiritual Indian Dance & English learning

Certificate for Spiritual Indian Dance & English learning

Certificate for Spiritual Indian Dance & English learning

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Instructors: Sarita Wariyer

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This course is for all those of you, who have requirements for learning English, as a means to communicate with all your brothers and sisters, around the world.

Spiritual Indian Dance is a huge part of this course too, with various themes and methods of variation in steps being used to this effect. 

This attempt to bring together, in an inexpensive yet comprehensive way to make access possible to all from every walk of life, irrespective of their status in society, on a global educational  platform like Udemy is an effort from me, which is but like a tiny seed that I am planting, for the gigantic shady tree that I wish it to grow into, in order that it may give its solace and enlightenment to all those who desire to come into its  benevolent shade.

The course, brought to you, after holy Indian ceremonies, performed for its blessings it holds within as a devoted well wisher to all here, at the Udemy family, the course approvers, the instructors, the students and all others along with those who also wish to be part of  the extended family here, seeks to be a useful and insightful tool for you here, to help and guide you along the path to better learning and wisdom.

Brought to you all with the support of many of my well wishers, after surmounting intial serveral difficulties in it’s processing, the course is a heartfelt promise, fulfilled by me to a departed dear one’s soul, in memoriam and as a tribute to the guidance of the angel of the loving spirit, for me in its making.

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