Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

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Instructors: Dr Tasneem H. Ibrahim

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Stressed about…

•  Health anxiety or infection worry for yourself or your loved ones

•  Financial worries, fear of losing job

•  Unproductivity

•  Relationship issues

•  Finding a balance between work and domestic duties

•  Physical health problem, depression, frustration etc.

•  Worries about children and various other issues?

Join me and explore the different aspects of your issues with reference to the seven chakras.


•  Knowledge about all 7 layers of Auras

•  How to cleanse, activate, heal and awaken your chakras when blocked or unbalanced

•  How to know when your chakra is blocked

•  How to use chakras

•  How anatomy is related to chakra healing

•  Indepth knowledge of each chakra

•  Life Methods, Mudras, Beej Mantras, Affirmations in detail to activate each chakra

•  The science of healing a different chakra each day or multiple chakras everyday

•  Working on your chakras to find resolution for your physical and emotional issues

•  Chantings, affirmations and meditations specific to each chakra and many other simple every day easy techniques to heal and balance your chakras to bring you the happiness that you deserve.



•  Meditation audios for each chakra

•  Pictures you can use for activation of chakras

•  Certification of completion


•  Laptop/mobile with Internet

•  A notebook (real/virtual)

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