Chakras Activation part 2

Chakras Activation part 2

Chakras Activation part 2

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Instructors: Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing

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Welcome in this new class of Magic Vibrations Healing.


After exploring the purification and the activation of our 7 main chakras in the first part of Chakra Activation, we will now explore together the activation of our underground, higher and secondary chakras.

Discover new DNA activation codes to trigger energy systems in your body to expand even more your consciousness.

We do have underground chakras below our feet, that connect us with the Earth and with the ancestors.

We as well have higher chakras above our head that connect us with Source and with spiritual guidance.

We will learn about our secondary chakras, that are less know but still really important. They are located between our main chakras and have a big impact in our life. They are called Imrah, Thoral, Naxal and Erepsus.

As an extra, discover how to activate your Ear Chakras to tune with Shumann resonance (Heart Beat of the Earth), your spleen chakra and your Vital Chakras.

A bonus explains you how to activate your 7 main chakras all at the same time.


Discover DNA activation codes coming from a Higher Guidance and experience a real, clear, noticeable change in your energetic field, almost instantly.

These codes are to be repeated phonetically 3 times and trigger specific energy systems in your DNA. You have nothing to do, simply to repeat them and enjoy the process.


This is a routine to implement in your life regularly and are a great complement to the practice of the first part of this class.

It will help you for meditation , yoga, self development, and for any healing.


You will notice a deeper sense of connection to yourself, to the Earth and to Spirit.


Try it and you will be surprised ! There are simple, easy to use but so powerful !


Thank you for your trust !


Demian Haye

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