Chess Openings: Master the King’s Indian Attack

Chess Openings: Master the King’s Indian Attack

Chess Openings: Master the King’s Indian Attack

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Instructors: Greg Vanderford

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The KING’S INDIAN ATTACK is an old opening weapon that has become less popular over the years as Super Grandmasters have chosen to play it less at the tournament level.

But for those of us not rated in the top 1% of all chess players, the KING’S INDIAN ATTACK is a particularly effective weapon to use against your unsuspecting opponent that probably does not know the best ways to defend against it.

In this course you will learn how to use THE KING’S INDIAN ATTACK to:

1. Get a powerful attack on your opponent’s king

2. Surprise your opponent in the opening and gain time on the clock

3. Surprise your opponent in the opening leading them into unfamiliar territory

4. Fight aggressively against the French Defense

5. Build a super strong center

6. Develop a powerful fianchettoed bishop king formation

7. Multiple checkmate patterns

8. Much more!

Join the course, and learn how to destory your unsuspecting opponents with THE KING’S INDIAN ATTACK!

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