Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System

Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System

Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System

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Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System   If you want to unlock reservoirs of athletic capacity you didn’t know you had, reverse the aging process, run faster, jump higher, throw farther, and create a body that is resistant to all injuries then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read. It doesn’t matter if you are a bodybuilder, high level athlete, Crossfitter, or even a complete beginner, the secrets you’ll learn in this article will be critical to keeping your body performing at a high level, regardless of your age, background or experience level. Here’s why: My name is Dan Go and about 11 years ago when I was consistently injured, always feeling tightness in my body, dragging my low energy butt to the gym, and desperate for help, I discovered a simple 6 Minute Peak Performance Formula that not only boosted my athletic abilities but also reversed all of my nagging injuries I’ve experienced since I was 21 enabling me to feel better and perform better than I have than ever before. Since then, I’ve spent the past 8 years ‘perfecting’? and tweaking this fitness and performance breakthrough on my own clients and putting it into system that YOU can use to get the same type of incredible results yourself. Can’t believe it right? Well believe it. If you’re serious about experiencing endless energy, living in a body that moves and performs better than ever no matter what your age, make your workouts easier, live a life free of aches and pains, then you’ll need to have this simple Peak Performance Formula to make it happen. And in this very article that’s exactly what I’ll show you to do. So turn off your TV as well as your phone, sit back, relax and make sure to read every word of this letter closely because by the time you finish reading this article, you will have learned: The SECRET to getting back the vitality you had as a teenager and live life at an even HIGHER level of performance than ever before. This is not some new age trick. It’s a formula that is backed by real scientific research and when used properly will have your body operating at its best every single day. How to ENHANCE your strength, speed, flexibility and endurance as if you were a professionally paid athlete and improve your body’s ability to do any every day activity you put in front of it whether it be working out in the gym or even picking up your kid after a long day at work. How to heal your old nagging injuries and prevent new ones from happening without having to spend thousands of dollars and hours of time at your local chiropractors office. A simple 6 Minute Anti-Aging Formula that will make your workouts easier yet still give you BETTER results than ever before. 3 SHOCKING Workout Myths that you must STOP doing that are putting up a ‘roadblock’? on your results in the gym and setting you up for some seriously chronic injuries in your lower back, shoulders and knees. How to IMPROVE your performance in any physical activity you participate in whether you be a desk jockey or an Olympic Athlete using a simple 3 step sequence. An easy yet fast acting biomechanical movement formula to start all of your workouts effectively enabling you to exercise and lift weights at your body’s true level of performance without any fear of getting injured. How to have more endurance and stamina to finish all of your your workouts STRONG. A scientifically proven method to reverse your bodies aging process, improve the way you move and increase your immunity to disease. Each time you use this Peak Performance Formula you’ll feel more alive and be ready to take on any physical challenge that is put in your path.   Now you Might Be Thinking ‘Dan, if your 6 minute secret is that fast and powerful than what is stopping people from experiencing the increased strength, speed, flexibility and energy they really desire? Why are most people, despite working out still experiencing nagging pains on an every day basis?’? Well, for one thing, the science behind it is very new that no one (not even personal trainers or fitness ‘gurus’? ) have had access to the information you’re about to read until now. Also, it’s just human nature to ‘keep on driving’? when they see the check oil light turn on in their car, meaning That you are probably experience some small nagging pain in your bodies but end up shrugging it offuntil it ultimately gets serious, and your forced to do something or face the consequences This is what happened to meand it’s most certainly happening to millions of people throughout world. Look, exercising is an ingrained habit in my life. I just love it when I get an intense, sweaty workout in the gym or even at home. I get even more satisfaction when I’m able to break my own personal lifting records, and see actual progress when I weight lift. I do all of this while still enjoying an active life that involves plenty of time with my friends, playing sports and spending quality time with my baby nephew and two god daughters. But It Wasn’t Always This Way You see, back when I was 21 years old I thought I was ‘Superman’? . No, I didn’t think I was able to fly nor did I think I would have x-ray vision (that would’ve been great in college) but I thought that I’d always have a healthy functioning body that would never ‘age’? and that I would never be seriously get injured. I also came from a small town in Ontario called Markham which at the time was almost like a spitting image of Smallville back then. On my free time I was always looking for ways to push my physical limits in every single way possible. Whether it was lifting weights, playing sports, and just causing trouble when I was a kid. At times we’d be so crazy that we’d pretend to be stuntmen and have one of our friends drive a car full speed while I’d hold onto the top for dear life. It’s surprising that I didn’t break a neck back then. I also had a high tolerance to pain. I’d feel small pains on my body but I’d disregard it and be able to work through them. I thought, ‘Hey it’s normal for everyone to feel a little pain in their bodyright?‘? I didn’t know that at the time, this mentality would be the cause of my downfall. I’d always felt pain in some area of my body whether it was my shoulders or lower back. As always I brushed it off and made jokes to my friends that, at 21 years old, I was ‘getting old’? . Then one day while I was doing deadlifts at the gym I felt a tweak in my lower back. Something about it didn’t feel right. I didn’t think anything of it and just kept on pushing through the workout. The tweak in my lower back never went away but I still hit the gym 3 days a week to workout. I pushed through the pain even though it got more PAINFUL. With every workout my body was getting more and more wrecked which inevitably lead me to having the movement patterns of an 80 year old man. I was also getting weaker in the gym yet I didn’t know what was happening As I was working through my back pain, more shoulder issues started to happen as a result of focusing too much on upper body exercises. I grudgingly kept on pushing through and continued to workout. It didn’t matter to me because in my head nothing seriously bad would ever happen to me. Boy was I ever wrong After years of suffering through painful workout after workout and seeing my performance decrease in the gym it came to a point where the pain was unbearable. Even getting up off the couch was a painful process. I’d move around like I was a 80 year old man who had hip surgery but, the funny thing way, at the time I was only 22 years old. It got so bad that I had to make the decision to quit the one thing that was giving me the most joy in lifethe gym. I needed help so I did what everyone did back then: I sought help from a ‘professional’? .   $75 a Week For The Rest of My Life? No Thank You! In my quest to heal my body I went to see numerous chiropractors and physiotherapists. But they all told me different things: One physiotherapist said, in what I can only explain as ‘medical language’? , said something that I can’t remember but it was really smart. I swear they use big medical terms just to confuse you. A chiropractor told me that I had a spine that curved in one direction causing my problems and that by the time I was 30 I wouldn’t be able to walkwithout the help of his adjustments of course. All of the causes they gave me were all different, except for one thing. That whatever the ’cause’? was ailing me, that I would have to shell out $75 or more a week to get treated by themand that I’d have to do it for the rest of my life. Obviously, I declined all offers. Yet, I needed the gym back in my life. I felt like I was getting fatter and saggy’er as I spent more days I spent away from the gym. So after a few of weeks of rest I decided to hit the gym again in ‘hopes’? that my problems would go away. I remember that session like it was yesterday. I hit my first couple of sets and, while it was painful, I got through my workout with just a light touch pain in my shoulders and back. I thought this was okay so I kept going. Once I got through the entire workout I was happy. Even though I felt a little pain it was as bad as it was before. It was encouraging. I remember going to to sleep all excited thinking, ‘I’m healed!‘? Little did I know. At about 2am at night, I was woken up by a stinging pain in my shoulder and an even sharper pain in my lower back. I literally could not sleep nor could I get out of the bed without hurting myself. Putting pressure on either part of my body ended up in excruciating pain, which left me almost in tears.   It Was Then That I Realized That I Had Done Something Seriously WRONG to My Body. I started to get scared. I thought that there was a high possibility that I’d have to deal with these issues and move like an old man for the rest of my life. Get immediately download Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System I had to do somethingbut what? I Was Going To Find a Solution or DIE Trying As my body worsened I pretty much had no choice but to stop all forms of physical activity, which actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Even though I was working a 9 to 5 job, most of my free time had been spent in the gym. Since I wasn’t at the gym anymore I decided to use my free time to researching and studying the intricacies of the human body. I decided then and there that I would research my solution or DIE TRYING. So I poured myself into studying and invested my money into the BEST books on fitness and performance. I spent the bulk of my time in the library researching and spent thousands of my hard earned dollars on education trying to learn what the best coaches in the world did with their athletes and clients. There had to be some secret way of working out that kept them in tip-top shape. I would take their theories and then painfully apply their techniques with little to no effect on my body. It was a cycle where I would learn, apply, then get frustrated when their ‘solution’? didn’t work. It was getting nowhere and I was about to give up. But I couldn’t give up. I had to keep on going. There was still something I was missing, something that I wasn’t doingand it hiding underneath my nose the whole time. Success Leaves Clues I remember that at the time I was really into self development tapes. I was listening to one tape by a guy named Jim Rohn and he would always have a saying, ‘Success leaves clues‘? If I was to find the solution then I couldn’t keep on reading the same books everyone else was reading. If I was to get back into the gym I knew I had to go where the ‘success’? cases were.   How a Baseball Player Changed My Life One thing you must know about me is that when I get obsessed about a particular subject I go pretty overboard. In my quest to find the solution my desk was littered with note after note and book after book on all subjects relating to the human body. But so far none of them contained the answer I was looking for. Then one night, during a late evening researching, in a bout of frustration I buried my face into my pile of notes. It was late and I needed to sleep but I refused. I took a couple deep breaths and forced myself back up and back into study mode. It was when I looked up that I found a clue that would change my life FOREVER. It was an article of a workout program for a professional baseball athlete that I had gotten from the internet. What struck me was that he was on the road to recovery and he was coming back from injuries that were eerily similar to mine. He had a very unique program that involved an exercise sequence I’ve never heard of before. The article for the program was done exactly one year ago and at the time of reading it he was in the All Star game and considered one of the best players for his position. I decided to dive deeper. There was a different article on a professional female tennis player using the very same unique sequence swearing that it kept her injury free and playing at her best for her entire career And then another article on a NBA basketball player who had suffered through serious lower back and ankle injuries and is now STILL playing at his best well into his 40’s. He swore that by doing program with the same workout sequence he was able to never fear getting injured again. It was a performance formula that most people had no clue about yet didn’t have to do with injecting needles into their bodies, getting risky surgery or taking expensive supplements. From what I discovered it was quick to do and worked almost instantly to keep these pros at their best. Success was leaving clues and that was the beginning of my new obsession. I spent the next few months investing more time and money into my studies researching this weird performance secret. After those months of research I decided It was time to put it to the test. I started to use this Peak Performance Formula on my own body. I treated it like a scientific experiment and put it to the test for 2 weeks and then I’d put promise myself to get back into the gym to ‘test’? a full workout. The two week test was almost unbelievable. After spending two week applying this performance formula to my body I stopped feeling pain in any part of my body. What was even more surprising was that I was moving around with more freedom and vitality than I’ve ever experienced before. There was no more limited range of motion and I no longer moved like an ‘old’? man. The cool thing was that I could bend down and pick things up without feeling pain in my back or shoulders. After the test I was feeling more confident so I decided that I’d test my newfound body and go back to the gym. What happened next was even MORE amazing I remember hitting my first set, then second set, eventually going through my whole program feeling like I haven’t missed a beateven though I had been gone for an ENTIRE year. I was feeling so confident in my body that I even managed to set a personal record on my squat and press and even ran faster intervals on the treadmills with complete ease. It was as if I felt like my body was injected with some sort of performance enhancing drug. In that workout I hit every exercise with incredible INTENSITY and surprisingly I still had more in my tank right even after I was done my workout. The weirdest part was that even after my workout I felt amazing. After years of working out with injuries this was like being in the Twilight Zone. I could do exercises that I had not done for years stronger than ever with complete absence of pain. My Stamina and Energy Levels Were Going Through the Roof! I felt way better than I ever had in my entire life. It was like my body was enhanced by these few simple exercises. As I made a comeback in the gym and utilized these simple shifts to the way I worked out, I became much happier. I was also more physically able than I had been in my entire life ‘ and ever since I applied the Peak Performance Formula to my body I’ve never experienced pain or the nagging injuries that had been plaguing me from before. Most importantly, my newfound ‘superhuman-like’? body gave me increased confidence in my body , and this poured over into personal life. Get immediately download Dan Go – 6 Minute Superhuman System So much so that I decided to ditch my 9 to 5 and become a personal trainer dedicated to helping people see the same changes I’ve seen in my life. And eventually I’d start my own personal transformation business. Since then, I’ve used my obsession for fitness and performance to help thousands of men and women change their bodies through the use of the very same fitness principles. It’s lead me to being featured in many publications, and numerous TV shows such as Not bad for a small town boy from Markham Now before I reveal what this Peak Performance Formula is, there is one thing that you must know before proceeding It’s NOT Your Fault The bottom line is that people who are professionally paid athletes and the wealthy have better access to information than you do especially about what works for creating a optimally functioning body. They pay big money to have athletic trainers, nutritionists on hand, and doctors watching their every move so it’s no surprise that they are able to live life and perform at an optimal level day in and day out. The fact is, you don’t need to invest your time or money into any of that stuff. I’ve taken the principles of what makes the human body function at an optimal rate and took the best parts of what makes an athlete’s performance superior. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but the information you are about to read will instantly enhance the way your body moves for the rest of your life. So if you’re sitting there right now, feeling weak and frustrated with your slow progress in the gymIf you’re just plain sick and tired of working out with constant pain in your bodyor if you just want to reverse the aging process and live your life at a higher level Sit tight because you are about to learn the Peak Performance Formula that’s been held back from you all these years.   The Secret To Becoming ‘Age-Less’? Before I pull back the curtain and tell you just what this mysterious ‘secret’? is, I want to paint a picture of what you life could look like with the Peak Performance Formula in your hands. So take a moment and turn on your imagination. Do your best to make the pictures of what I’m about to describe as vivid as possible. Then just sit there and try to FEEL how you would feel if your life was actually like this. What would your life be like if 1. If you were stronger, faster, more flexible, and had TONS more energy than you ever had before. Any physical challenge, whether it be an every day activity like picking up your kid or something more intense like working out and playing sports, you’ll find everything to be easier and your body to be more enhanced with your newfound level of athleticism.       2. Your enhanced physical abilities instantly generated respect from the people you work with, your friends and your family. You’ll have people wondering how you can stay so energetic all of the time and telling you that they wish they had your ‘athletic genetics’?   3. You had a perfectly healthy body and had unlimited amounts of energy to do all of the activities you wanted with your spouse and kids.       4. You never had to worry about getting injured…ever…again. You’d have complete confidence in your body, of what it is capable of and, like a superhuman, you’d literally be impervious from getting hurt or injured.   5. You turned the clock back and moved through life with the vitality of a teenager and be the envy of everyone you knew because of your newfound ability to freely move through life pain free WITHOUT spending long hours in the gym, tons of money on supplements or dangerous (and illegal) injections.   The GOOD news is that getting your body to perform in a peak state all day long is not that difficult. That bad news is that you first have to make sure you’re not falling into the trap that keeps millions of people like you constantly injured and unable to operate at your highest level.   All of Your ‘Performance’? Problems Stem From the 21st Century Lifestyle You see, what we must realize is that back in the day, humans usually lived on their feet and kept active. Whether it was hunting boar in the prehistoric era, tending our crops or working a labour job, we stayed on our feet didn’t have to worry about being sedentary like we do in today’s society. But in today’s world we Wake up, get out of bed, brush our teeth, kiss our spouses and get our kids ready for school. You get in your car and drive 20 minutes to your 9 to 5 job and then plop down on your desk to start your days work. The PROBLEM: We have transformed into a generation that sitsand sits a lot. A study posted on the British medical journal ‘The Lancet’? published a new series of studies on the health consequences of physical inactivity and the figures are staggering.They show physical inactivity is responsible for as much as 10% of the ‘burden of disease’? (years of life lost to mortality or disability) from illnesses as diverse as colon cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and coronary heart disease. You might be thinking, ‘Dan, this may not apply to me. Regardless of my job or family I still take the time to workout at least 3 or more times a week. I’m may sit at my job but I’m still a pretty active person.’? While that may be the case, did you know that doing your workouts only set your body’s back even further?   The WorstDriveEVER The average distance between a persons house and their workplace is 21 miles or about 20 minutes by car. This equates to 40 minutes of total driving a day. Now I’m pretty sure you take good care of your car so that drive should be no problem. You get to work, you get back and you can rely on that car to do it again each and every time like clockwork. Now imagine that we take the same car and putting a tablespoon of gravel in its crank shaft (that’s your engine for non car enthusiasts) and you do this every single day without missing a beat. Now imagine taking the same car with the gravel inside its engine, driving to work, driving back and then Taking it to the racetrack and making it race the Daytona 500 for 45 minutes3 days a week. Here’s the bad news.

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