David Perdew – Storytelling Workshop with Sam England: Monetize Your Life with Stories – MyNAMS

David Perdew – Storytelling Workshop with Sam England: Monetize Your Life with Stories – MyNAMS

David Perdew – Storytelling Workshop with Sam England: Monetize Your Life with Stories – MyNAMS

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David Perdew – Storytelling Workshop with Sam England: Monetize Your Life with Stories – MyNAMS     Discover How to Take Events from YOUR Day and Turn Those Stories into Profitable Pieces of Content Using our 7-Step Template! With the new and updated training, you’ll be telling your stories with a point in 30 minutes or less…   Mesmerized! That’s when someone holds your attention and everything else melts into the background. And you’re transfixed, sometimes transported into a story because your imagination fills in the blanks and takes you there. I learned storytelling techniques as a kid hiding behind the candy case in my grandparents general store in Alpha, Kentucky. There was only one building there: Perdew’s Grocery. The whitewashed cinder block building was as an early convenience store with all the staples such as flour, sugar, baloney (not balonga where we were from), and RC Colas. And of course, you had to have a Moon Pie. But it also was a gas station with three Chevron pumps and a Post Office. My grandmother was the Post Mistress, having taken over the job from my grandfather who retired. Retirement for him meant that he moved from behind the Post Office window to his regular seat around the coal-burning, pot-bellied stove, and he didn’t have to be bothered with sorting the mail. That was the stage. It’s where the local entertainment happened. Stories (mostly lies) were featured from morning to dusk. Pap (that’s what we called grandpa) was the ringmaster. While the stories were mostly entertaining, all were engaging – mesmerizing. People didn’t leave until the story was over. And often, they reached around the corner shelf and bought a sandwich or slice of pie so they could hear the rest of the story. That’s when I realized that Pap wasn’t just being nice…He was doing business. He was selling! Twenty years later, after Perdew’s Grocery was torn down and replaced by a county voting booth the size of an outhouse, I became a journalist. And a storyteller. And so are you! Everyone has a story to tell, even if you don’t think so. You have a past, present and future. All of those contain stories. If you’re reading this at the end of the day, you have stories to tell about what happened earlier today. All you have to do it identify those stories, structure them, and learn how to weave them into a money-making opportunity. Once you learn the secret, you’ll see it’s not hard. And the GREATS have been doing it since the caveman used a burnt stick to create the first cave painting. Whether you’re a writer or author, a publisher, ghostwriter, blogger, copywriter, internet marketer, sales person, trainer, speaker, teacher, parent, or a just someone on the street… story telling is for you. Story telling is a learned skill and everyone may use it – in storybooks, blog posts, newspaper articles, emails, sales letters, presentations, speeches, videos, and wherever your creative mind may take you. Why are stories so powerful? You tell your story because First, a bubbling force within is waiting to explode. It may be a great idea, a burning desire, a troubling problem, a breakthrough solution, or a wanting to reveal yourself to the world. If you don’t let it out, it will explode on you! Second, connecting with others is a basic human need. It’s easier to feed that need with stories of joy, pain, hunger, desire, emptiness, fulfilment and determination that you and your listeners or readers can feel or almost touch and experience. Third, stories are fun to tell and listen to. They uplift the spirit, engage people, provoke the mind, and move to action. Easily. Subtly. Most of the time. Now, that’s the power of stories! How about taking the power of story telling to a higher plane? Indeed… …there’s a fourth reason to make use of stories: Make money with them! You can do that when you know powerful story telling techniques. And it really is a paint-by-numbers template that works every time. You can: touch people, warm them up and make them want to know, like and trust you move people to listen to you, follow you, be your fans or opt into your list compel people to read your mails and blog posts and interact with you, even share about you to their friends hook people so that they go gaga over your products, buy each one of them and lust for more… When all your efforts pay off with money pouring in, what more could you ask for? But first things first, you must learn how to tell your story the engaging and vibrant way, the purposive way, the profitable way… …so that you don’t bore your audience, people don’t ignore you, or they don’t take the action you want them to take. Otherwise, your efforts are a pure waste of your time – and worse – your reader’s as well. We show you how in the Storytelling Workshop. Create Profitable Stories in 30 Minutes or Less In this 6-hour, in-depth Storytelling Workshop, I take you through a proven 7-step template that I developed over the course of my career in journalism, consulting and internet marketing. Discover how to Find relevant stories in every corner of your life. Dig into a 7-step story structure that works every time. Model good stories through imitation. Discover the true language of stories. Paint the picture that helps readers experience your feelings – the fear and ecstasy of your life. Create a story on the spot using the structure. Use a simple template to sculpt your story into a masterpiece. Sharpen your own story and storytelling skills using lessons learned from other people’s stories. The Storytelling Workshop is beyond academic. I reveal to you a practical tool that we developed, tested and have proven to work for stories that are either still on the drawing board or already created. You even witness how I critique and enhance old stories using the storytelling tool. Each step is a learning experience with lots of story telling exercises. From start to end. Guranteed! Listen to What Graduates Say… Sale Page: http://http://mynams.com/storytelling-workshop-sam-england-monetize-life-stories

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