Descova App – Multi-Platform eCommerce App Discover Trending Products

Descova App – Multi-Platform eCommerce App Discover Trending Products

Descova App – Multi-Platform eCommerce App Discover Trending Products

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Descova App – Multi-Platform eCommerce App Discover Trending Products   That’s the message you’ll be passing on to your subscribers and customers come June 7th when we go live and I guarantee, money will be flying out everywhere like a broken firehose.Whether you like it or not…Whether you have keyed in on the trend or not…eCommerce has come to stay, and whether you’ve created an eCom software before or not, I guarantee you that your customers on your email list already have an eCommerce store and buying tools from someone else.It’s the biggest buzz around the block now and a lot of people are making a killing with it and here’s what’s so good about it, the guys in eCommerce are crazy hungry for new tools.I know it because man, I promoted an eCommerce webinar few months ago and even though I don’t have eCom list (I previously only sold only graphics app and page builders) I was shocked when we went live, sales poured in like rain and during the replay, this webinar just kept on vomiting money so much that I didn’t want the replay to end… no kidding!And here’s what makes or breaks any eCommerce business.THE PRODUCTS YOU SELLYou can have the best looking stores, stack money for ads… if your product is poor, you’ll keep eating losses anytime you run ads till you burn through your cash pile.I’ve seen this happen to a lot of people and it’s exactly what’s killing newbies.I know guys that spend weeks and hundreds of dollars testing to find winning products they can scale. Get immediately download Haled Descova App – Multi-Platform eCommerce App Discover Trending ProductsImagine there’s a tool that in minutes finds WINNING ECOM PRODUCTS so you don’t have to keep wasting money on bad products or spend weeks testing out new products before you can pick a winner. It’s the ONLY multi-platform product research software in the market, before now… users were stuck with either an Aliexpress research software or Amazon research tool but for the first, a brand new tool that research hot selling products across multiple platforms at once All-in-One dashboardYou’ll also get access to the best suppliers and cheapest price points for any product you sell instantly. Search through multiple eCom platforms on click-of-a-button, with sort and filter options to narrow down the searches for the best result and findings. Enter a single keyword and instantly Uncover Low Competition-high Profit ECom Products In a Single Click.Get more insight and ideas on what products to start selling now with information on the Audience size for each product keywords. Easy glance at the current discounted prices of products you are tracking for perfect price to buy and sell the products to rake more sales and cash than ever before. Track other shopify stores owners who sell the similar product you intend to venture. And see how they have structured their marketing. Track when there is reduction in price of a product you have found using the “Discover Product” tool. So you can buy at a more cheaper price and sell at best price for even maximum profits, while beating your competitors. Ability to import discovered winning products from dEscova App, directly to your eCom stores, including your Shopify store and WooCommerce store Get instant email notification once there is discount on the product you’re tracking. How would you like our team our eCom experts to tell you exactly which products are killing it right?You don’t have to spend even a second on research, we tell you exactly what to sell and absolutely crush it.    

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