Dirk de Bruin – Six Figure Inc

Dirk de Bruin – Six Figure Inc

Dirk de Bruin – Six Figure Inc

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Dirk de Bruin – Six Figure Inc How To Build A Profitable Digital Product Business Online Without Being Technical Or Having Previous Experience HOW DID I GO FROM BROKE TO MAKING SIX FIGURES PER YEAR ONLINE?AND THEN THIS UNEXPECTED PIVOT CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR GOOD!TRUE FREEDOM IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUTIT’S YOUR TURN FOR A FREEDOM-BASED LIFESTYLE Forbes estimates the knowledge industry (a.k.a. e-Learning) to be a $325 BILLION dollar per year industry in the next few years. That’s almost $1 Billion dollars per day, every single day of the year, that will be spent on information online. Traditional education institutions such as colleges and universities are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Who the heck can afford six figures to get a degree? Better yet, who wants to go six figures in debt, spend 4 years learning outdated information and then spend another 5-10 years working to pay off the study debt (provided you can even get a job when you graduate)? So, the answer becomes e-Learning. For the price of a coffee per day, you can get access to almost any kind of information online. Knowledge, experience and strategy… direct from the source.

  • Want to learn how to code Python?
  • Want to know how to build your own wooden furniture?
  • Want to lean how to build an online business?
  • Want to plant your own vegetable garden?

Chances are a quick Google search will lead you to an “expert” who can teach you how to do what you need. There’s a lot of free information online. And there is a lot of premium information, such as online courses, ebooks or communities you can join for a monthly fee. Some people will choose to spend their precious time sifting through free information. Others will buy the premium courses and ebooks from experts… to the tune of almost $1 Billion dollars per day. You could create a digital information product, sell it online and claim your share of that $1 Billion dollars that’s being spent on premium information online every day. THE KNOWLEDGE IN YOUR HEAD COULD BE WORTH UP TO SIX FIGURES PER YEARMY COPY-PASTE SIMPLE BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS THAT IS SIX FIGURE INC. This includes all the steps in the exact order you need to follow…

  • Without the hurdles…
  • Without the questions…
  • Without complication or confusion…

It’s truly the culmination of my decade plus of time spent learning all this through trial and error, along with my many tens of thousands of dollars in testing and perfecting!

  • Even if you’ve never done this before…
  • Even if you don’t have a product of your own to sell today…
  • Even if you’ve never made a penny online in your life…

This is the complete blueprint – top to bottom – no stone unturned. You simply won’t find anything else like this online or offline – anywhere. It’s the EXACT same system and structure I have personally followed to generate millions in sales profits and that allows me to live a life of complete freedom. Now, here’s how we do this for you too…CATERING TO A HOT AND IN-DEMAND NICHE AND MAPPING OUT YOUR PRODUCT Some people think you should try and get into markets with low or no competition – those people are dead wrong. You want in-demand verticals because that’s where the buyers are… And that’s where the money is! When you understand how to tap into these high demand markets, you’ll become an unstoppable online product selling machine. You’ll love discovering how to know whether a niche will convert BEFORE you ever put any effort into creating a product for it. I’ll demonstrate a super sneaky little tool that shows you how to spy on your competition and figure out what they’re doing and if they’re making any money, so you know if you should be modeling them… I’ll also walk you through several real-world examples of 6 figure, 7 figure and even 8 figure info product businesses in different niches. Using these examples as frameworks to outline your own products will help you to spit out profitable in-demand products with ease. And then next we need to help you…GENERATE FLOODS OF TARGETED TRAFFIC AND LEADS If you create a product, write sales sucking copy, and then put your offer live, it’s all entirely for naught if you don’t have traffic and leads. That’s why I am pulling back the curtain on the top lead generation and traffic strategies I have personally used for all my best selling successes. Everything is revealed – including both paid and organic methods so that you’ll be sure to find a strategy that suits your budget and personality. You’ll discover my favorite Facebook and Google Adwords strategies to generating highly targeted traffic and leads in just minutes with a click of the button. I LOVE this one and not many people are talking about it yet – I’m going to do a deep dive into YouTube advertising, including organic Youtube traffic strategies – both of which are amazing for targeted clicks for super cheap! You’ll be immersed in traffic training to help you put eyeballs on your offers as soon as you’ve completed them. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on varied traffic methods over the years, so what you’re getting is the best of the best. This stuff’s been tested, tweaked, optimized – and proven to work. And don’t worry – if you are on a tight budget – I’ll give you several potent free traffic methods that will allow you to generate sales… so you can reinvest into paid traffic and start scaling! So, now it’s time to…LAUNCH YOUR PRODUCT

  • You’ve selected a hot niche with buyers a-plenty…
  • You’ve built out your product or training program and you’ve crafted an irresistible offer that easily converts visitors to buyers…
  • You’ve begun testing traffic and customers are coming in…

Now it’s time to hit the Green Light and launch your product to success! At this point, much of the hard work has been done. Yet, ​there’s a few vital factors that could make or break you from here. So, I’m going to show you how to properly set up your launch ads and emails to make sure that you’re ALWAYS turning prospects into customers.. I’m giving you the keys to best manage your customer support requests and I’ll reveal how to collect data and gather feedback to help you optimize your member experience (THIS COULD BE WORTH BIG $ IN FUTURE SALES). You’ll discover the secret to tracking your metrics to be sure your product funnel is profitable and scalable. And so much more… Frankly, with this Masterclass, it’s practically impossible for you to fail. Unless, you do nothing – and well – it’s common sense that doing nothing produces zero results. But, I don’t think that’s you. I think YOU ARE AN ACTION TAKER. And Get This…. I have an entire rolodex of students that have followed this formula to incredible success. So, see what they think…YOU DON’T NEED TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT BECAUSE MY STUDENTS HAVE SOME OF THEIR OWN THOUGHTS TO SHARE WITH YOU!YET… I’m dedicated to helping you succeed. As quickly… And easily as humanly possible. So, that’s why I am also handing you these very valuable bonuses worth $4279 all by themselves, when you take action today. These could quite frankly be a standalone program in their own right, but they’re yours free today for joining 6 Figure Inc. Bonus 1: Affiliate Business Boost This advanced class in affiliate marketing is going to add an instant income stream to your new business. If you’ll recall, affiliate marketing is what allowed me to stash a wad of cash away to quit my grocery store job back in the day… And it’s the perfect low-effort high-return strategy for enhancing your income today. Bonus 2: My Proven Sales Funnel Templates Creating a product – that’s one thing – but creating the sales funnel to sell that product, well that’s an entirely different animal all on its own! That’s why this may very well be the biggest bonus of them all and worth more than the entire cost of Six Figure Inc itself. Because I’ve paid and invested thousands in designers, copywriters, advertising, testing, and optimization so that you don’t have to. The result is a PROVEN done for you funnel template that has EVERYTHING you need, top to bottom, including:

  • Webinar optin template
  • Webinar thank you page
  • Webinar powerpoint slide template
  • Webinar replay page templateAuto
  • webinar email sequences
  • Product launch email sequences

Bonus 3: Plug And Play Affiliate Funnel Just. Add. Traffic. It’s that simple to monetize this valuable bonus sales funnel template I’m handing you absolutely free as a new member of Six Figure Inc. I paid for my team of designers and copywriters to build you a high converting ready ready-to-go info product funnel including full email copy swipes and example ads that you use right now to generate insane affiliate commissions. All you need to do is add in your own affiliate link… And then start sending traffic. And sit back as the commissions start rolling in.

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