Dynamic Knife Defense 101

Dynamic Knife Defense 101

Dynamic Knife Defense 101

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Duration: 2 hours   – Rating: 5

Instructors: Juan Sanchez

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In this course you will learn drills, techniques and concepts on how to defend yourself effectively against a knife attack. I will teach you different ways to deflect and parry a blade arm, how to correctly isolate and disarm a knife hand and how to effectively move.  I will also be teaching different locks from isolating the blade arm and certain techniques to using your footwork arm controls to discombobulate and unbalance the attacker. You will learn simple to more advanced concepts along the way and have a clear understanding on how to spar and freeflow these drills and techniques with a sparring partner. I believe anyone at any level will be able to get something out of this course, especially those without any kind of training.  By the end of this two and a half hour course you will have basic to intermediary knowledge of highly sought knife defense skills.

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