Eric Medemar – Ultimate Wholesaling Package

Eric Medemar – Ultimate Wholesaling Package

Eric Medemar – Ultimate Wholesaling Package

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Eric Medemar – Ultimate Wholesaling Package “The Ultimate Wholesaling System” “I’ll Show You EXACTLY How To Put My PROVEN Real Estate Money-Getting System To Work For YOU!” Module #1 Ultimate Wholesaling System Guide The Ultimate Wholesaling System – You’ll quickly understand why my Ultimate Wholesaling Guide is one of the most sought after profit builders on U.S Soil. When you’re following along step by step as I unveil the high profit lessons of wholesaling mastery , you’ll be left scratching your head at how easy wholesaling becomes…. You’ll also feel like kicking yourself for not discovering wholesaling years earlier.  Keep your cool though, you’re finally on the right track! A small fraction of the topics include:

  • My ultra stealthy tactics for making risky required deposits a thing of the past….Screw losing sleep over fear someone might not return your deposit.  I’ll show you how to avoid making a deposit in the first place.
  • Wickedly effective tactics for taking advantage of our current housing crisis…..While most cowardly investors are  “Waiting to see what’ll happen” you’ll be stealing their buyers right out from other their noses , leaving them panicked and humiliated when the market turns around.
  • Insider Secrets to foreclosure profits….It’s blazingly obvious foreclosures are the most lucrative cash cows in real estate .  Avoid the nightmarish task of navigating your way through the minefield of misinformation that knuckle headed “Guru’s” have been passing along as “Truth” …..I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know!
  • Get the skinny on assembling your “Power team” making investing so simple your cheeks will hurt from grinning….
  • Step by step plans for determining the wholesale value of any piece of real estate…. I cornered the appraiser from my power team and squeezed him for ever last ounce of pricing insigh t….Then filtered out the useless B.S…Leaving you with PURE home pricing gold.
  • How to turn your wholesaling business on autopilot ….Allowing you to make money even while your enjoying yourself elsewhere (Like Hawaii, the Golf Course, or watching repeat episodes of Baywatch in your basement )
  • Street savvy Contractor secrets for quickly analyzing repair costs on any property…Empower yourself and….Avoid the contractor waiting game that all too often leads to high profit homes being gobbled up while your “Waiting for an estimate”.
  • Navigation secrets for sifting your way through the tricky jargon of many real estate contracts ….Don’t even think about signing a contract until you’ve seen this.
  • Double closing secrets you thought you already knew (Only a hand full of investors ever get this right…But when you do, your bank account will never be the same) I am laying out EVERY action that has lead to my success..EVERYTHING is in here.

Module #2 Advanced Buyer/Seller Strategies Advanced Level Buyer/Seller Strategies -Learn all of my dirty little tricks for locating desperate buyers and motivated sellers in any market, under any condition…..without spending a dime on advertising. After listening to this valuable profit maker you’ll know exactly: How to find desperate buyers ready to shell out cold hard cash to get in on some of your deals!

  • How to locate motivated sellers even when they don’t want to be found.
  • How to build a 11 person buyers list in under 9 days without wasting money on direct mail.
  • How to immediately size up any buyer… Avoiding time wasting tire kickers that can drain your profits away (They won’t know what hit them!)
  • How I used the tax records to build my buyers list in record time. (This tactic is worth it’s weight in gold)…When I shared this secret with some seasoned pro’s I thought their eyes were going to pop outta their head.
  • What you need to tell nosy Realtors about your wholesaling business. Realtors will become you’re personal property servants once you know these tricks.
  • How to avoid the super costly mistakes that I made as a rookie wholesaler….Yep, even I messed up to the tone of close to $10,000
  • How to uncover the truth from B.S investors who are all talk and no action.
  • I think you get the point.  I am spoon feeding you every bit of information that I know to fast track your real estate investing success.

Module #3 Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – On this priceless wholesaling resource, I take you step by step through the entire process providing you straight to the point answers for all of you wholesaling questions including:

  • How to assign contracts…This section alone could skyrocket your success as a real estate wholesaler
  • Double closing secrets… (you’ll be surprised at how easy they become once you know this)
  • How to jump on the fast track to wholesaling success.
  • How to decided whether or not to get your real estate license.
  • How to eliminate working with time wasting buyers.
  • How to make every deal a profitable deal.
  • How to make a fortune wholesaling without spending a dime on advertising.
  • How to get buyers and sellers eating out of the palm of your hand.  What little secrets the greedy Realtors don’t want you to know!
  • The list could go on and on…But, eventually I will run out of space!

Module #4 Bullet Proof Contracts and Clauses Bullet Proof Contracts, Clauses and Forms -I am giving you full access to every form that I use for both my wholesale and my bird dog deals. Your Bulletproof Forms include:

  • Bullet Proof Assignment form – This form is the heart of the entire real estate wholesaling process.
  • Bullet Proof Bird Dog Contract…. This form will quickly become a priceless addition to your wholesaling success toolbox.
  • Buyer Survey Forms ….Buyers will think you an old pro when your following the outline of this sheet….Even if you have never invested a day in your life.
  • Seller Survey Forms ….Follow this outline to cut through the crap that difficult sellers will give you.
  • Killer Clauses ….Use these clauses in every contract to avoid then need for deposits or to prevent needing a deposit at all.


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