Exercise Science and Parkinson’s Disease – Crash Course

Exercise Science and Parkinson’s Disease – Crash Course

Exercise Science and Parkinson’s Disease – Crash Course

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Instructors: Brian Magurno

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The students of this course will learn what Parkinson’s Disease is and how the body reacts to it. They will learn about neuro transmitters and the role they play in the disease. The course discusses the stages of Parkinsons disease and what qualifies and individual for each stage. We will go over the benefits of multiple types of exercise in relation to individuals who have symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. This course will also discuss the benefits exercise has on overall wellbeing. There will be recommendation of specific exercises that are suggested to individuals with the disease. Various exercise styles are mentioned and gone over. The benefits of each exercise type is discussed. Although it is suggested for a person worth Parkinson’s should choose any exercise that they would stay consistent with, it is recommended to understand each type before inclusion.We will go over who can help individuals diagnosed with the disease and what  career routes can be taken to help others who are diagnosed. The main source websites to research the disease further are named. I truly hope you learn a lot from this course and become more aware of what Parkinson’s disease is and how to help those who are diagnosed with it.

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