Fredric Lehrman’s – Prosperity Consciousness

Fredric Lehrman’s – Prosperity Consciousness

Fredric Lehrman’s – Prosperity Consciousness

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Fredric Lehrman’s – Prosperity Consciousness “ARE YOU WILLING TO BE WEALTHY?” To your conscious mind, that may sound like a strange question. But deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs may be holding you back from what you consciously desire. When your thoughts are in conflict, your results will be inconsistent at best, and failure will tend to win out over success. Fredric Lehrman wants you to know that you can resolve the discrepancies between these levels of thought, so that your subconscious mind will stop resisting and begin cooperating with your conscious intentions, finally allowing you receive what you work to achieve. Filled with practical methods to retrain your mind, this course shows how to organize your money before you spend it, establishing habits that will free up your time and your creativity. As the design of money in your life becomes clearer, your social and business interactions will naturally fall into harmony, and your personal financial options will expand along the lines of your unique talents and interests. Get immediately download Fredric Lehrman’s – Prosperity Consciousness The Prosperity Consciousness program will set your financial house on a new foundation. You will learn how to: Plant thoughts in your mind like seeds in a garden Discover your underlying beliefs about money and how to change them Use the Five Account System for practical money management Play “Prosperity Scrabble” as a way to evolve new money making ideas Transform your surplus energy into a business that serves others Channel the pipeline of wealth into all areas of your life Have a stress-free relationship with money The many true stories on these disks will help to open doors in your thinking and give you ideas that will generate concrete actions and measurable results. Since the release of this course in 1994, thousands of people have proven its effectiveness in their own lives. One struggling secretary moved up to being a top-bracket writer and lecturer in her field. A consultant to leading US corporations and international banks said that the principles work just as well at that level as for first-time listeners who are struggling to pay the rent. It is safe to say that you will never think of money the same way again after you hear this course.  

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