Get started in animation | From an idea to an animated movie

Get started in animation | From an idea to an animated movie

Get started in animation | From an idea to an animated movie

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Instructors: Ruxandra Mihai

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This course will get you started in animation. There will be some practical exercises too and I hope we will have fun doing them. My goal is to help you understand the whole process that is involved in creating an animation movie. With time I have acknowledged that learning a specific animation program is useless if you don’t have the ground basis of animation. That’s why I have decided not to teach specific animation program but things that will be useful and will make it easier for you to learn any software of your choice. At the end of the course you will not only be able to make an animation movie of your own, but you will understand the whole process that is involved in making it.

I designed this course for beginners, but if you have a little bit of experience it’s ok too because there are also some advanced sections.

The course is divided in 3 main sections:

1. What is animation? Short history.

You will understand a little bit about the concept of animation while you will briefly go through the history of animation and it’s most important figures. You will find out which are differences between the American and European animations in the early times.

2. Telling a story

· The animation technique you want to use, as this will influence the story

· The story’s script

· The story board

· Camera angle

· Framing

· Character design

· The set design

· Lighting

· The editing process

· The soundtrack

· Special effects

3. Animation techniques

a. Stop motion

b. Clay animation

c. Cut out animation

d. Computer generated animation

And that being said, let’s start the course, shall we?

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