Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

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Instructors: Rev. Joanna Bartlett

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Do you want to receive guidance throughout your life on matters related to your spiritual development, career, health and heart? 

Your Spirit guides can be a wonderful source of information, encouragement, guidance and support.

But you have to know who they are and develop a relationship with them.

Since I began developing my mediumship abilities in 2001, I’ve had years to connect with and deepen my relationship with my Spirit guides. I’ve also helped dozens of people connect with their own guides — both through mediumship and intuitive readings and by leading them through a meditation so they can meet and begin a relationship of their own.

I have a slightly different take on Spirit guides than some teachers. I believe they’re part of your higher self. We connect with them as individual personalities in order to connect with different aspects of our own soul.

In this online class we’ll cover:

  • What Spirit guides are and aren’t (at least not usually)

  • Why you have them

  • Their role in your development

  • How to get to know them

  • A Spirit guide meditation in which you’ll meet one or more guides

Sound interesting? Take this course and learn more.

What students say:

“This is a great course for understanding more about your guides, the different types of guides and how to connect with one of your guides.”

“This class was a great and easy way to learn about our spirit guides and their various roles in our lives. I especially enjoyed the meditation where we were able to meet our own guides. That was very powerful. Joanna is a great teacher and listener, with a fun and breezy approach to the mysteries of life. I highly recommend this class as well as her other classes, too. You won’t be disappointed.”

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