Healthy mediumship fundamentals

Healthy mediumship fundamentals

Healthy mediumship fundamentals

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Instructors: Rev. Joanna Bartlett

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Connecting with Spirit should feel good

Connecting with Spirit is supposed to be an enjoyable and rich experience. Don’t let fear, hesitation or doubt about what’s happening get in the way of your mediumship development.

Spirit 101: Healthy mediumship fundamentals will get you started in your mediumship journey on the right foot. Learn how to be in control of your abilities, as you develop them safely. While having fun doing it!

Whether you’re just beginning your journey of development and unfolding, or have been studying for a while but don’t feel like you quite have the basics down, by the end of this 4-session class, you’ll feel confident in how to develop your abilities in a grounded, healthy way.

In this class, Rev. Joanna Bartlett shares her decade-plus of mediumship experience so you can get started on your journey.

What students say about this course

  • “You covered a lot of material and made it very easy to understand and use in our everyday lives. I loved your delivery and energy that you bring to your class, it added some fun and excitement to mediumship that I haven’t felt in a while. Great job.” – Craig

  • “I liked the class and enjoyed the input from everyone. Your enthusiasm was certainly contagious and I’m hoping this will inspire me to continue on my quest.” – Mary Ann

  • “It was really awesome to learn about something I wasn’t even really aware I was interested in and I feel it helped me a lot on my spiritual/life journey. Joanna is really knowledgeable, relatable, grounded, human and yet inquisitive and open.”

  • “I loved it. The open connected feeling throughout. I feel more clear and in touch with my intuition.” – Charity

  • “Before the class, I felt unsure and apprehensive about my intuitive mediumship abilities. The class was very positive, with easy tools to make the process organic. I’ve been able to receive messages and relay them. I’m feeling more confident and very excited to further my abilities.” – Kim

  • “Before I felt lost, unanchored. Now I feel more focused, understand so many things better about Spirit. And I enjoy meditating. I feel calmer because of this class and feel more open and sense the vibrations and light.” – Patty

  • “I knew my abilities were there, I just didn’t know how to “grow” it. I loved sharing our experiences and learning from others. I truly needed the beginning steps. This was reinforced throughout the classes which I needed. My abilities are much stronger!” – Lauryn

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