Herbalism: Antiviral Herbs and How To Use Them

Herbalism: Antiviral Herbs and How To Use Them

Herbalism: Antiviral Herbs and How To Use Them

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Viruses are increasingly becoming more commonplace in our world, and some are quite dangerous. The body’s best defense when it comes to fighting off viruses is our immune systems. So how do we keep our immune systems strong? Nutrition plays a huge part in our ability heal quickly from viruses, that is why I choose to incorporate natural, healthy herbs into my daily routine. Herbs have high amounts of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Some herbs also possess unique compounds that are considered to be antiviral, this course will name 15 antiviral herbs that are easy to source and prepare that you can utilize either when you are feeling susceptible to contracting a virus or when you are already ill with a virus.

About The Instructor:

Charlene Rossiter

I am a Herbalist and an Energy Healing Practitioner.  I have been studying nutrition and health for over 15 years and help my clients overcome health and wellness issues through nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress management and energy healing practices.  I believe the body has an incredible ability to overcome health problems when our lives are simplified through natural healing practices and nutrition

I would like to share with you some of the successful techniques I have used to help clients overcome multiple health and wellness issues and live more fulfilling lives.

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