HighExistence – 30 challenges to Enlightenment

HighExistence – 30 challenges to Enlightenment

HighExistence – 30 challenges to Enlightenment

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HighExistence – 30 challenges to Enlightenment   30 Challenges to Enlightenment is a self-improvement tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen. If you’re tired of procrastinating on improving your health, increasing your happiness, and changing your life, this course is for you. We integrated lessons from psychology, neuroscience, Western philosophy, and Eastern spirituality to create an exciting obstacle course that will unleash your potential. Picture yourself breaking free of destructive patterns and building new, meaningful habits with a tribe of growth-minded wisdom-seekers. That’s what this course is all about. It’s designed to teach you how to master your mind and take ownership of your life, while connecting you with others on the same path. Get immediately download HighExistence – 30 challenges to Enlightenment And it works. We spent 25+ combined years testing these practices and ideas, and hundreds of people have written us to share that they’ve become more fulfilled, disciplined, and aware. In essence, this is the ultimate self-development adventure, designed to transform you into a stronger, more confident, more enlightened version of yourself. The course is divided into six quests:MONKEY MIND Master your desires, start meditating, clear your mind, start exercising, and develop aniron will.BEGINNER MIND Stop procrastinating, get organized, expand your mind, and learn the principles of Zen.QUIET MIND Disconnect from the digital, become mindful, savor nature, and unlock your creativity.AWAKENED MIND Overcome social anxiety, experience radical honesty,and become confident.NO MIND Let go of your ego, take ownership of your life, build unshakeable gratitude, and cultivate compassion.ENLIGHTENED ONE Attain a level of awareness and self-mastery reserved for the few. Read more: https://archive.is/6zD8R

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