How To Do A Shamanic Journey – A Way To Inner Wholeness

How To Do A Shamanic Journey – A Way To  Inner  Wholeness

How To Do A Shamanic Journey – A Way To Inner Wholeness

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What is the course about?

I invite you to my beginner course how to do a shamanic journey, with the main focus on traveling to the Under World to find and bring back your power animal.”

In this course you will learn, step by step, through the help of fast drumming, how to reach other worlds or realities. 

But this is not all. After this course you will also know how to find and bring back your power animal.

There are many ways of doing a shamanic journey, through meditation, dancing, breathing or through drumming. After you have gone through this course you will know if this way of shamanic journeying is something for you.

How long will the course take to complete

To learn Shamanic Journeying is not complicated, and I will teach you in a way, that you can start journeying almost immediately.

What kind of materials are included?

I provide guided meditation, and drumming music to download, as well as course manuals.

How is the course structured?

The course is very easy to follow, without complicated instructions. My motto is: Keep it simple, but learn and experience a lot!

Why take this course?

If you want to find out more about yourself, or finding answers to questions, than a shamanic journey will be very helpful.

Through this journey we focus on how to find your Power Animal, and bring it back into your life, so that you will experience more energy and Inner Peace.

Beside finding your Power Animal, you can also learn how contact your spirit guides, spirit animals, angles, ancestors, elders, or departed shamans.

This is not just a beginner course,

it is also for anyone who already has experience with Shamanic Journeying,

or for those who want to make sure that they really have found their power Animal.


It would be good, but not necessary, to have some experience with meditations, or energy work. Important is to be open minded.

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