How to Fix your own Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain

How to Fix your own Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain

How to Fix your own Rotator Cuff and Shoulder pain

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Learn how best-selling massage instructor, Mark Perren-Jones, treated thousands of his massage clients with shoulder pain in his massage clinic.

Whether you are a massage therapist wanting to know how to treat your massage clients with shoulder pain, or it is your own shoulder, in this course you are going to learn how easy it is for you to fix your own rotator cuff and shoulder pain. 

  You will also learn exactly what causes your shoulder pain so that you(or your massage clients) can then finally stop harming your shoulder. As you will see, it is absolutely essential that you first remove the causes of your shoulder pain to ever hope to have a pain free shoulder. If you do not, massage therapy will be all but a temporary fix.

  Once you have learnt the causes of your rotator cuff and shoulder pain and start implementing the techniques and exercises outlined in this course you will see an increase in your range of movement and a decrease in your pain 

  Importantly, you will also be able to diagnose if your shoulder pain is in fact from a shoulder pathology or if it is from a neck pathology and referring pain into your shoulder. This of course is a vital step to a full recovery and  doing the correct exercises. As you can imagine, it is worthless to do shoulder exercises when its actually neck exercises that you should be doing. 

  Once you have studied this course, you will then know: 

  • What causes your shoulder pain and how to remove those causes from your daily life so that your back can finally get a chance to heal and you can become pain free.

  • How to treat your own pain without drugs, treatments or surgery.

  • How to save 1000’s of dollars on unnecessary treatments.

  • How to fix your own shoulder  pain if you should ever have a recurrence of your symptoms ever again.

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