How To Lose Weight With A Busy Lifestyle

How To Lose Weight With A Busy Lifestyle

How To Lose Weight With A Busy Lifestyle

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Weight loss products, weight loss schemes, weight loss fads can be found everywhere.

What is it about weight loss?

Why do people want to lose weight?

For the millennial who wishes for a 28-hour day, the busy mom who balances between her career and household chores and the deadline-stricken dad, why does weight loss matter?

There are a number of reasons why weight loss is becoming a top in the to-do list of people nowadays.

  • First of all, with all the cancer diagnoses and diseases that are seemingly coming out of nowhere, what people want now is to be healthy. They want bodies that can withstand all the adventures, workload and travels that they plan to enjoy.

  • Second, treatment for any disease is costly.

  • Third, people want to look good and there is nothing wrong with wanting such.

Is thin simply in? What is the borderline between healthy thin and unhealthy thin?

If you’ve been doing all suggested schemes to lose weight, then why aren’t you losing that excess weight? Moreover, if you have already achieved your ideal weight, what can you do to prevent bouncing back to being overweight?

All these and more are what you are to expect in this Course. You will not find weight loss fads here that promise overnight shedding of pounds (you will eventually learn why). This Course is more of a journey wherein you get to know yourself and body, find out the right reasons for losing weight and learn to appreciate and love the shape of you in a healthy perspective.

“Only you, your mindset, your discipline, your attitude…can change your BODY.”

In This Course We Will Cover the Following Topics:

  • Why Lose Weight in the First Place

  • Why Are You Not Losing Weight

  • When Losing Weight becomes Unhealthy

  • A Realistic Game Plan

  • Hype or Truth: A Closer Look at Popular Health Products

  • Shed Fats Slowly But Surely

  • Intense, Flexibility or Cardio Workout: Choose What Suits your Lifestyle

  • Simple yet Effective Exercises

  • Morning Light and Weight-loss

  • Lifestyle, Brain Rewiring and Weight-loss


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