How to modify your cool 4×4 truck!

How to modify your cool 4×4 truck!

How to modify your cool 4×4 truck!

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Instructors: 4×4 Off Roads,Thrandur Arnthorsson

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A lifted 4×4 is COOL!

You can do exciting things with a fully modified 4×4 truck sitting on BIG tires and ready for action.

Your own lifted 4×4 is a statement of who you are. For us offroaders it is way more than a status symbol – it’s a way of LIFE and gives us amazing FREEDOM!

If you want to go lift your truck you better have a clear picture in your mind of your finished dream truck and all the step-by-step tasks you need for your project.

In this course I’ll show you the step-by-step process of how to get your 4×4 truck ready for action in the most extreme trails and terrain.

So let’s dive in…

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