Hydration Tips: Optimal Hydration Strategies

Hydration Tips: Optimal Hydration Strategies

Hydration Tips: Optimal Hydration Strategies

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Throughout the past few years, I’ve worked with over 700 people one-on-one, helping them transform their lives, while losing thousands of pounds of body fat and building hundreds of pounds of muscle.

And during this time, the nutrient that I have talked about the most is the one many people think about the least. 

It’s the topic I first have questions about when someone tells me they feel hungry or tired

It’s the first nutrient I ask about when someone tells me they’ve been experiencing headaches, or not performing well in the gym.

This nutrient is water. And it’s essential.

My name is Paul Salter and I am Registered Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist, and Weight Loss Expert. 

I’ve created the premier online nutrition video course detailing everything you need to know about hydration to help you further understand the significant impact hydration has on your energy levels, exercise performance, and appetite.

In this video course…    

  • I’ll remind you, or perhaps help you understand for the first time, just how indispensable water is and the impact it has on many aspects of your day   
  • I’ll discuss your hydration needs and how they are heavily impacted by several factors, including your age, exercise, and environment    
  • I’ll teach you how to monitor your hydration status and how to hydrate before, during, and after a workout to prevent the nasty consequences of dehydration

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