IPSM – $1000 Model Call

IPSM – $1000 Model Call

IPSM – $1000 Model Call

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IPSM – $1000 Model Call Don’t miss out on this class! This is one of our most popular classes that you don’t want to miss. Model Calls can result in great sales, returning clients, and referrals too! In this course Gaby Chung will take you through her entire process, from developing and implementing a clear plan, to screening prospects and choosing a quality client.In this course you will learn: How to run an efficient and enjoyable model call How to build your portfolio and open up the opportunity for some great sales How to pick clients who not only value your talent and service, but who are likely to make an investment in your art Get immediately download IPSM – $1000 Model Call Already a member? Click here to start this course!Start $1000 Model CallCourse curriculum 1Module 1: Planning Your Model Call Module 1 Video Module 1 PDF 2Module 2: Announcing Your Model Call Module 2 Video 3Module 3: Screening & Selecting Clients for Your Model Call Module 3 Video 4Module 4: Q & A Module 4 Video Get immediately download IPSM – $1000 Model Call Not a member yet?Become a member nowBe sure to check out some of our other great classes! Read more: https://archive.is/SmDSR  

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