Jake Hicks – Colored Gel Portraits and Retouching

Jake Hicks – Colored Gel Portraits and Retouching

Jake Hicks – Colored Gel Portraits and Retouching

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Jake Hicks – Colored Gel Portraits and Retouching   I spent over a year with RGG EDU planning, shooting, and perfecting a curriculum that covers the fundamentals of my entire workflow to give you a comprehensive look at color theory, colored gel basics, several lighting setups, posing tips, and all of my retouching workflow methods.View fullsize Coloured Gel Photography has transformed my portfolio and helped me establish a unique style all my own. It’s my hope that this extensive 22 hour tutorial will give you the understanding you need to help craft your style and add a bit of colour to your portfolio. Here is just 1 of the 85 videos included in this tutorial.View fullsize Get immediately download Jake Hicks – Colored Gel Portraits and Retouching Here are just a few of the images shot in studio and out on-location covering numerous lighten setups,wardrobe, posing, gel setups, and post production workflows. In this tutorial you will see the full workflow from start to finish learning my process all along the way.View fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–9.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–15.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–26.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–31.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–5.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–43.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–46.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–39.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–45.jpgView fullsize RGG_EDU_Jake_Hicks_Compressed_Tutorial-Color_Gel–10.jpgBefore & After – Retouching The retouching sections of this code are extensive with over 15 hours dedicated towards every step in the process. It will show you my entire process from initial culling, dodge & burn, color toning, sharpening and everything in between. Here is one example of a before and after image that is taught in the entire process.

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