Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty

Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty

Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty

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Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty How many times have you heard a patient say, “I had my hip replaced three years ago and it doesn’t hurt now. However, I just never got all my strength back and I still feel like I could lose my balance and fall”? Following lower extremity total joint arthroplasty, it is common to focuses on pain reduction, basic trans-fers, range of motion and basic strengthening. Oftentimes this is where we or the patients stop. Long-term functional improvement and ambulation safety can be overlooked. This course aims to emphasize the long-term outcomes following ankle and hip joint replacement. We will examine what current literature says about which post-operative deficits are most impactful and the best means of improving balance after the surgery. What works may be surprisingly simple. Identify current options in total hip & total ankle arthroplasty Discuss gait & balance mechanics & how these can be maximized post-operatively Review ankle & hip joint anatomy, the concepts of hip strategies & ankle strategies for balance & the effect of surgery on joint receptors Examine current literature on the importance of balance & proprioceptive training following each procedure Demonstrate which exercises & activities are most helpful, when to initiate each & which ones the patient should continue independently Current options in total hip and total ankle arthroplasty Review surgical techniques and components Common Dx leading to THA and TAA Post-operative timelines and when to initiate balance training with each population Gait and balance mechanics to maximize post-operative outcomes Review ankle and hip motions in “Normal” gait to understand which motions to emphasize Does the prosthesis limit range of motion and strength gain potential? Deficits at 6 months and 2 years post-operatively What is the role of proprioception and muscular response in balance and gait Would you like to receive Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty ? Strategies for post-surgical balance The role of neuroplasticity in balance recovery Role of symmetry training and impacts on the contralateral limb Why surgery seems to have greater impact on ankle joint receptors than in the hip Greater muscle mass in the hip and which muscles are the keys in balance The importance of balance and proprioceptive training following surgery Impact on patient perceived long-term outcome and how this can differ from the therapist Importance of patients regaining confidence and impact of fear of falling on actual falls How is the patient functioning long after discharge from formal therapy? Post-operative exercises and activities demonstration Single limb stance and tandem stance activity early and late in rehabilitation Varying sensory inputs for progressions Effective strengthening exercises and proper dosing/overload principles

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