JEFF WALKER – Product Launch Formula 4.0

JEFF WALKER – Product Launch Formula 4.0

JEFF WALKER – Product Launch Formula 4.0

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Jeff Walker is the guy who has been teaching this product launch workshops every year since 2005. Of course, it’s changed a lot since the start, but in that time he’s had almost 1 million people go through his training. And they’ve launched all kinds of products, services, courses, books, even entire businesses in nearly every market, niche, in every corner of the world that you can think of.If you’re not familiar with Jeff or his work, he created the Product Launch Formula, and I can pretty much guarantee, that if you don’t know him, you’ve at least seen some of his clients using the formula, even if you didn’t know it at that time. The launch stacking is the way, this whole Product Launch Formula works. You start from scratch and do a seed launch. It’s not about doing a million dollars or anything like that, but you use a seed launch to create your product. And since you’re putting out good content, you start to build a list. Then you take the product that you set up in the seed launch and that small list you made so far. Next thing, you do an internal launch and put together your sideways sales letter. Because you’ve delivered some real value to get your people excited, you get some great word of mouth. All of a sudden, your list is growing. You open your cart, and you get some nice sales. Because of your internal launch and the value you’ve built in your pre-launch content, you caught the attention of a possible JV partner or two in your market. It leads you to do a JV launch with just a couple of partners. All of a sudden you’ve got some established people in your market telling their lists about you and just how excellent your content is. Now your list is growing by the hour. Your open cart and your sales are ten times what you did in your internal launch. You’ve got to pay affiliate commissions, but your results completely blow away, what your internal launch did. That’s just a quick view of launch stacking, and it doesn’t end there because now, you’ve got new ideas for products to create and launch. Once you do this, your first launch is never going to be your last launch. The perfect approach is to replicate the whole process over and over again. Will this PLF program suit you? If you are thinking about if it’s the right time to start with Product Launch Formula, let me tell you this. The Internet gives us this amazing global platform. It’s the world’s greatest gift to entrepreneurs. Not long ago, if you wanted to start a business, you needed a lot of capital, and you needed to take on huge risks. You need to sign a lease, get together a business plan, find investors, get loans, hire a bunch of people, buy expensive equipment. Nowadays, if you’ve got access to the Internet, you can be in business in a few hours. What’s in the Product Launch Formula course? – Overview The Product Launch Formula Coaching Program, including nine full modules Email swipe copy, a targeted timeline, and checklists to help keep you on track, module by module. PLF Templates, Hot Seats, and Case Studies Jeff’s $7 million dollar Product Launch Swipe File Complete launch videos and scripts from launches in various markets, with full breakdowns by Jeff himself. Additional training on how to go beyond just launches, and build your entire business with your launches (The Business Launch Formula). 12 months of follow-up Coaching Calls with Jeff’s Platinum Coaches 12-month access to Private Forum with Jeff, his Platinum Level Coaches, and his team The Facebook PLF Owners Alumni group – there’s pure gold in this group, and it’s where you can really tap into the community Jeff’s $6,967.00 bonus: Launching Your List Product Creation Code a ticket to LaunchCon 2019 – this is 3 days of the latest cutting-edge launch strategies from the real world a ticket to the 3-day in-person “PLF Live 2020” workshop (led personally by Jeff) + 8 valued bonuses including the “Live Launch” training, Your Tech Stack Quick Start, The Launch partnership and many others Download JEFF WALKER – Product Launch Formula 4.0 right now on ! Review of all 9 Modules – The PLF CORE Roadmap Module 1: In this first module, Jeff will teach you about the core strategies and tactics, which can be applied to all types of launches. We could name this part the heart of PLF. Module 2: Now you start to develop your launch story, based on what you learn in module 1. You will dig into a problem – solution path, which is crucial for successful marketing. Module 3: This module is all about the Seed launch and a Quick launch. The first one can be used if you don’t have a product or list. And the second one is good if you already have a product and you want to cash-in quickly. Module 4: Now you go deep in the Internal launch and learn how to create good pre-launch content. Module 5: In this case-study module, Jeff will analyse actual pre-launch videos from his students. You will learn what’s right and wrong in each of these videos. Module 6: Here, you will go over the sales videos and learn a lot from real examples. This is the place where Jeff covers the JV launch. Module 7: Special bonus module all about the Evergreen launch. Module 8: This module is brand new for the 2020 version of PLF so I haven’t had a chance to review it yet. Module 9: This module is brand new for the 2020 version of PLF so I haven’t had a chance to review it yet.

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