Jeremy Spencer – Advanced Web Development with Django

Jeremy Spencer – Advanced Web Development with Django

Jeremy Spencer – Advanced Web Development with Django

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Jeremy Spencer – Advanced Web Development with Django   Course details   Learn how to develop powerful websites quickly—with code that’s clean and easy to maintain—using Django. This course focuses on how to keep your projects secure; how to build out quick, but powerful, APIs; and how to make your project easier to work with. Instructor Jeremy Spencer goes over advanced uses of class-based views, explains how to build a REST API with the Django REST framework, and discusses how to leverage GraphQL. Plus, learn how to minimize the amount of change between environments, how Django handles testing, and how to protect against common web threats using the security features in Django.Note: This course was created and produced by Packt Publishing. Jeremy Spencer, a Packt author, is a speaker, trainer, consultant, and web developer.Jeremy brings over 10 years’ experience with Python, Django, and JavaScript to his work as a trainer and developer. He initially began using Django and Python after running into early limitations with PHP. Eventually, he began blogging and creating educational content to help others grasp the fundamentals of both Django and Python. He now spends most of his time consulting for small businesses and leading a team of developers at Frostburg State University. He continues to find new ways to help beginners learn to love programming as much as he does. Read more here! Get Jeremy Spencer – Advanced Web Development with Django download immediately on!  

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