Jon Morrow (Smartblogger) – Monetize

Jon Morrow (Smartblogger) – Monetize

Jon Morrow (Smartblogger) – Monetize

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Jon Morrow (Smartblogger) – Monetize   It works in any market. It works even if you’ve never earned a dollar online before. After taking three different blogs from zero to $1 million per year, you could say I know a thing or two about about how to monetize a blog.But I’ve never shared how I do it. Until now.Over the past decade, I’ve created and refined a blog monetization system that allows you to start making money from your blog in 30 days or less.This monetization system is consistent. It’s reliable. It’s worked every time I’ve used it, in every market where I’ve tried it.And now I want to share it with you. Even if you’re just getting started, I want to show you howto turn your blog into a passive income machine that generates income around the clock.Sound crazy?It’s not. In fact, I’ll make you a big, audacious promise right now: Make Your First Dollar within 30 Days There are lots of different ways to monetize a blog:•    Displaying ads…•    Promoting your own products…•    Selling a service…•    Creating a membership site…The list goes on.But the truth is that these monetization strategies are NOT a good fit for most bloggers (and especially bloggers who are just getting started).Why?Ads require an immense amount of traffic to make any real money. You need to be generating a minimum of 10,000 visitors/month to make any kind of money from ads at all.To make matters worse, this business model is also surprisingly time-consuming because it requires publishing multiple posts per day to maintain that traffic level. (For example, many online publishers need to publish 8+ new posts every single cteyjust to generate enough ad impressions to stay in business.)Promoting your own products is great, but it requires you to create those products first. And take it from me— creating products can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. (It’s taken me months of work and thousands of dollars to create some of my products—and I have a whole team to support me!) Then you also have to worry about things like product delivery, customer service, stocking & shipping (if it’s a physical product), and so on.Selling your own services is extraordinarily time-consuming, because it requires that you actually have the time and bandwidth to provide a service. This can be an effective way to generate income online, but it’s definitely not passive income.(In fact, it’s basically like having a second job.)Creating a membership site can be highly profitable, but again—it can also be extremely time-consuming and expensive to create & maintain one of these.Membership sites require regular content to keep your members engaged, which means you have to dedicate a significant amount of time to creating new content for your membership site on a regular basis (and that’s on top of the content you’re already creating for your blog).So if these strategies are less than ideal for a new blogger, then what should you do? The Best Strategy for Beginners (Hands Down) Listen…Over the last decade. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of beginning bloggers in every imaginable niche. I’ve seen people attempt every strategy under the sun to monetize their blogs.But there’s only ONE that works consistently:Affiliate marketing.If you’re not familiar with it, affiliate marketing just means that you recommend other people’s products. If a visitor reads your blog post, clicks on your affiliate link, and then buys the product you recommended, you’ll get a percentage of the profits. Depending on the product, your commission can range from 1 %-10% of the sale price for Amazon products, and it’s not uncommon to get 50% commissions for digital products like software and courses.Here are a couple reasons why I LOVE affiliate marketing as a monetization strategy for bloggers:s The profit is significant. Depending on the product, you can earn $100 or more per transaction. If your website brings in just 100 people per day, and only 1 % of those people converts on that affiliate product, that’s still an extra $100/day or $36,500 in your pocket each year.Here are some survey results that reveal the incomes of over 100 affiliate marketers. As you can see, over 80% of them make more than $20,000/year: How Much Can You Earn From Affiliate Marketing? There are all kinds of affiliate products out there, for every niche imaginable. So no matter what topic you like to write about, you’ll always be able to find a wide selection of affiliate products to choose from.A recent report found that over 80% of online brands offer an affiliate marketing program: Why affiliate marketing is a growing opportunity for advertisers A report finds over 80% of advertisers are devoting at least 10% of their marketing budgets to the strategy When done the right way, affiliate marketing is an extremely honest and ethical way to make money. You’re basically recommending products you like. You’re helping people to get more value from their online purchases, while helping businesses to reach more customers.a Affiliate marketing is a $13.5 billion industry that has a TON of potential and continues to grow: Why is it so valuable? Simple: because it helps companies to generate sales! It’s a win-win relationship that benefits everyone involved: you, the end customer, and the business whose product you’re promoting.That’s why affiliate marketing continues to see steady growth year after year after year: You don’t have to spend time and money to create your own product. (Which, as I mentioned above, can sometimes take months of work and thousands of dollars.) Instead, you can put all your focus on the FUN stuff-writing amazing blog posts about interesting topics.s You don’t have to worry about technical stuff like shopping carts or product delivery. You also don’t have to deal with things like customer service, complaints, or refunds.s Did I mention that affiliate marketing is FAST and EASY to get started? Oh, I did? Then let me say it one more time: affiliate marketing is by FAR the easiest way to monetize your blog. In most cases all you need to get started is to add a special affiliate link to your website. This link will identify you as the affiliate, giving you credit for all the sales you generated.How is this sounding so far?Is it making sense to you?Now, keep in mind I’m not promising that you’ll make millions of dollars overnight. Because that’s not the case.This will take work, and depending on how much traffic your blog gets, it may generate only a modest income at first.But I want to impress on you just how achievable this is. You DONT need to be an internet celebrity.You DONT need to be some kind of certified expert.You DONT need to be the world’s best writer, or to have a blog with millions of visitors, or to be a technical wizard. All you really need to get started…is a blog.As long as you have that, then I guarantee this system will work for you.Because as long as you have a blog, Monetize will give you everything else you need to start earning passive income. You’ll Get Everything You Need to Get Started My team and I have worked extremely hard to make sure this program works for ALL bloggers, no matter how new you are or what niche you’re in.And to achieve that, it gives you you EVERYTHING you need to start monetizing your blog.Such as…•    My #1 most effective blog monetization strategy, which makes strategic use of affiliate marketing to generate passive income with minimal setup. In many cases, all you have to do is set this up once and then it will continue to make money for years and years…•    A comprehensive library of companies in all kinds of different niches that will pay you to promote their products…•    Fill-in-the-blank email templates that you can literally copy and paste. These emails have been tested and proven to generate sales in multiple industries, so all you need to do is replace a few couple lines and hit “send”—and watch the sales start rolling in…•    Speaking of emails, what if you don’t have an email list? Not to worry, because with Monetize you’ll also get a FREE bonus course on how to build an email list that you can use to promote your affiliate products (over time your email list will become your most valuable asset, and you’ll be able to make money anytime you want by simply sending an email)…•    A half day of group coaching with me, where I’ll make sure you’re on the right track, point out any mistakes you might be making, and answer any nagging questions you have (note: I will NOT be doing one of these workshops in the future, so If you wait to sign up for this program later, you’ll miss out)…•    And more… As you can see, we’ve worked hard to make sure that nothing is left out of this program. All you need to get started is a blog.Now I should mention that in order for Monetize to actually work, your blog needs to be generating at least a little bit of traffic. I would put the minimum traffic level at 100 visitors/day.But you don’t necessarily need that much traffic to get started with Monetize. Let me explain what I mean.If your blog is not yet getting 100 visitors/day:If you’re not there yet, don’t worry. You can still sign up for Monetize and set up your blog to generate passive income.You probably won’t generate any sales until your blog starts getting some traffic, BUT the good news is that once the traffic does start coming in—you’ll already be set up for success.If your blog is getting 100 visitors/day or more:If you’re already getting traffic, then I recommend you sign up for this program RIGHT NOW and implement it as fast as you possibly can.Because otherwise you’re letting an opportunity to earn regular, repeating income slip through your fingers.It’s enough to make you wonder… Are You “Wasting” Your Blog Traffic? If your blog is already generating traffic, and if you’re not yet monetizing it…Then with each passing day you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to make money.Every day people are visiting your site and leaving without even having the chance to buy a product that would generate income for you.Even if your traffic levels are really low, it doesn’t matter. The income from that traffic can REALLY add up over time.But until you put a monetization system in place, you’ll continue to “waste” your traffic and miss out on the chance to earn passive income from your blog.That’s the bad news. Now here’s the good news:Monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing is fast & easy to do. And it can generate an ongoing passive income stream for YEARS!That’s right, all you have to do is set this up once and you can make money from it for years.Are you getting EXCITED yet?Are you starting to realize just how achievable this is?I hope so. But just in case, I want to emphasize the fact that Monetize carries literally ZERO risk. Here’s why.   Read more:    

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