Josh Pais – Committed Impulse

Josh Pais – Committed Impulse

Josh Pais – Committed Impulse

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Look, when we put our ass on the line, whether it be in an audition, public speaking, sending out a webinar, going on a date, or asking for a raise, we are often faced with rushes of nervousness, fear, and anxiety. Have you noticed that these sensations are usually followed by a set of thoughts? Thoughts like, “You’re not ready, you’re not good enough, it’s too late, you’re a fraud.” This may be surprising but this happens to everyone. Even the most successful people on the planet get nervous and have self-debilitating thoughts. Don’t think you have it worse than anyone else. And, just so you know, it doesn’t mean you’re not ready or unprofessional. It just means you are ready for a new set of tools.

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