JP Allen – How To Play The Harmonica

JP Allen – How To Play The Harmonica

JP Allen – How To Play The Harmonica

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JP Allen – How To Play The Harmonica   Here’s the Amazingly Obvious Secret that so Many Now-Successful Harmonica Players Have Thanked Me for Delivering to Them… If you’re a non-musician or a struggling harmonica player that yearns to have great time playing the songs you love with soul and feeling, please know this: Your lack of success is NOT… …because you’re musically hopeless … or because you don’t own the correct harmonica … or because you don’t practice “enough”… or because you’re tone deaf… None of the Above! The reason you may be feeling stuck and are not able to freely jam is because of something much more simple… and much easier to solve…   Do you want to waste more time learning the slow way and developing bad habits?  Or are you finally ready to liberate a life long harmonica adventure that will bring a spark of joy to your life…and inspire anyone who is fortunate enough to hear you play? Want to discover how JP has helped thousands of students fulfill their dream of playing harmonica and learn their favorite songs in record time? Okay, then. Let’s begin… I want you to be able to do more than just play songs…I want you to play your favorite songs with soul and feeling. Harmonica is without a doubt one of the easiest instruments to learn. If that’s the case, then why do the majority of people get frustrated, and often quit? Most harmonica books overwhelm students by teaching them songs BEFORE they are ready This just leads to bad habits and a whole lot of frustration… Students end up learning songs but they don’t sound good. Their playing is stiff, airy, and they often make a lot of mistakes. There’s an Easier Way to Play Your Favorite Songs and Sound Good (and it’s a whole lot more fun)… In His First 5 Minutes of Playing,A Random StrangerWas Ripping On a Microphone When you are actually playing harmonica musically you will feel an energy of enthusiasm bubbling up inside of you. And, guess what: It’s going to feel good when others encourage you to keep it up (instead of trying to take the wind out of your sails). Because, within the first few weeks of playing, most try to learn songs with a tight mouth position. This is a bad habit that will cripple your forward progress. Does Your Playing Ever Sound Stiff or Airy? Guess what? It’s unlikely that there’s anything wrong with your harmonica. It’s more likely you’re developing bad habits by tightly puckering your lips. The Deep Relaxed Mouth Embouchure is the key to playing songs with a sweet, bluesy tone. Why do students tightly pucker their lips if it’s a bad habit that will completely cripple their forward progress? Because most harmonica books and teachers explain this essential technique improperly! Because tightly puckering your lips may offer you a quick start. But it’s a dead-end street! RECOMMENDATION: I definitely want you to succeed whether or not you get my lessons, so please practice this technique in front of a mirror to make sure you’re maintaining the proper angle of the harmonica. What’s the Easiest Way to Play Your Favorite Style of Music? First learn all 11 Core Essential Harmonica Techniques by playing along with my Online Video Lessons for about 7 minutes per day. Important: If you want to experience how clear and easy this will be for you, please go get your 10-hole C harmonica and jam along! You Can Play On Stage In Less Than Two Months(If You Want To!) “Two months and I’ll be ready to play on stage…? Not on your life! Besides, JP, I don’t really care about playing on stage, I just want to play for my own enjoyment…” That’s cool. You definitely picked the best instrument to have fun with. But wouldn’t it be cool to know that in your back pocket at any moment you have the ability to make people happy? Some students want to play in a band or jam with friends. Some want to play in a church choir Some want to make kids happy Most of my students are happy to just play for their own enjoyment. No matter what your goals, I know that if I learned, you can learn too… I Picked Up the Harmonica at Northwestern University After One of My Best Friends Died In A Motorcycle Wreck I was so depressed I couldn’t study or eat. My musician friend, John, was determined to cheer me up. He asked me if I wanted to go to the music store to buy a harmonica. I told him, “No.”I was not a natural-born musician and I didn’t come from a musical family. In fact, I quit piano as a kid and felt like a total musical failure. But John helped me out of my rut and treated me to my very first harmonica.  I fell so in love with playing music, it pulled me out of my depression. And whenever I felt sad or lonely, the harmonica was always around to make me feel better. Do You Ever Criticize Yourself By Saying Things Like: Students Who Are Self-Critical Tend To Quit. So What’s Plan A? Blow Yourself Away! And how do you blow yourself away? First learn some harmonica tricks that sound awesome (Many students try to learn songs before they are ready and wind up getting bummed out). Then, After 30 Days Of Practicing 7-Minutes Per Day: Pick one simple song you like and play it till it sounds amazing. Using the 11 Core Essential Techniques I will show you, this will be a breeze. That’ll be all it takes! The harmonica will be your faithful companion for life…always around to celebrate the good times… And right in your back pocket to help you feel better if you’re ever bummed out. “When my dad died I inherited his harmonica. I decided to learn to play in his memory. I struggled for a while with other books and videos. I just spent an hour going through your first video lesson and… “WOW!!!!!!!!!” I have to say, with total disbelief, that I sound good! I can even play notes and songs I had given up on. I know my dad would be proud. Thanks JP!” ~ Sam Barber You can Get Started Now With My Instant-Access, Online Harmonica Video Lessons… Instant online access to Harmonica Made Fun and Easy: Getting Campfire Ready This video will show you how to play musically in less than 30 minutes – without any of the boring practice that some teachers put you through.Cool thing is that with instant online video access – and ALL my other lessons – is you’ll be able to get started, immediately when you complete your purchase. (STEP 1 for Beginners: 70 minute video for your C Harmonica)   Instant online access to Harmonica Core Essentials: Developing Good Habits This video will show you four great hand positions and all 11 Core Essential harmonica techniques for playing your favorite songs with a sweet, rich tone. (Level: Beginner to Advanced Intermediate, 77 minute video for your C Harmonica) After Learning All 11 Core Essential Harmonica Techniques You’ll Be Able to Play Songs Like These…   The Complete Rebekah Video Instruction Series You will also get the complete set of 12 video lessons to take you from beginner to actually jamming and playing melodies on your harmonica! Over 100 minutes of entertaining and instructional videos. (Value: $39) Here’s a taster for you… Get immediately download Haled JP Allen – How To Play The HarmonicaOver 60 Pages Of Riffs, Tricks And Harmonica Songs Learn the shortcut secrets to instantly playing 99% of all Blues, Country, Rock, Folk and Gospel music (most songs are stunningly easy, if you know the tricks that the pros use).   A Full Comparison Of Best And Worst Harmonicas For Beginners (Bang For Your Buck) Some of the most expensive harmonica models are too stiff for most pros (which make them a nightmare for beginners). Don’t waste you’re money on over-priced harmonicas that don’t perform well for beginners.   5 Harmonica Songbooks – Receive Instantly At Check Out. Yours To Keep! HARMONICA FAVOURITES VOL 1: Amazing Grace • America • America the Beautiful • Auld Lang Syne • Battle Hymn of the Republic • Beautiful Dreamer • Camptown Races • Dixie • Down By The Riverside HARMONICA FAVOURITES VOL 2: Frankie and Johnnie • Home on the Range • Oh Susanna • Old Gray Mare • On Top Of Old Smokey • Shenandoah • Red River Valley • Star Spangled Banner • Streets Of Laredo HARMONICA FAVOURITES VOL 3: Down in the Valley • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot • Taps • Turkey in the Straw • When Johnny Comes Marching Home • When Irish Eyes are Smiling • When the Saints Go Marching • Yankee Doodle CLASSICAL SONGS: Fur Elise (Beethoven)  •   Ode to Joy (Beethoven)  •   Greensleeves (Henry VIII)  •   Pachelbel Canon  •   Air on the G String (Johann Sebastian Bach)  •   Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)  •   Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Mozart)  •   Brahms’ Lullaby (Johannes Brahms)  50 FAVORITE HYMNS:Abide With Me • America the Beautiful • Amazing Grace • Close to Thee • Good Christian Men, Rejoice • Have Thine Own Way, Lord • Jesus Loves Me • Joyful, Joyful • Let Us Break Bread Together • Just a Closer Walk with Thee • Just As I am • And MORE! (Most music teachers show their students a challenging technique and then send them home to practice alone) When you play along with my online video lessons, you can enjoy the comfort of learning at your own pace. So, how does it work? It’s simple! As soon as you purchase you will be automatically taken to a special web page where you can watch all my lessons, at your own leisure, and as many times as you like. You’ll also get full access to all the bonuses, right away! “My name is Beverly, I got your lessons a month ago and I can play “It Ain’t Me Babe”, “Blowing in the Wind”, “Bad Moon Rising”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and even the 10 and 12 bar blues progressions. It’s like you’re right here in my home jamming along with me. Thank you JP, I’m having a blast.” ~ Beverly in Garden Grove, California Online Audio Lesson:How to Play Harmonica with Other Musicians: Getting Campfire Ready Level 2. Playing Blues is awesome but there’s a much easier way to get started. It’s called first position and it makes learning Folk, Country, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classical, and Spiritual music a piece of cake. You will experience a new level of enjoyment and sound like a cross between Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Get immediately download Haled JP Allen – How To Play The Harmonica (Level: Intermediate, Two Full Lessons, for your C Harmonica)    Online Video Lesson:High Speed Country and Blues Harmonica Chugging: Blowing the Roof off the House This lesson will show you the fastest and easiest way to learn how to play ripping Blues, Country and Gospel. This harmonica leson teaches the single thing that has helped me more than anything else I have ever learned. (Level: Intermediate, 100 Minutes Lesson for your C Harmonica)    “Let me just say you have changed my harmonica life. Your teaching and examples are awesome. “~ Kris Gauthier (Zionsville, Indiana) Online Video Lesson:The Secret To Playing Harmonica with a Sweet Soulful Tone: Finally Learning to Bend. If you ever feel frustrated because your notes sound weak, airy or out of tune, the problem is not your harmonica, it’s your technique. In this lesson, I will show you how to play the true Blues scale, bend the high notes, and the easy-to-learn secret to playing with a rich soulful sound. (Level: Intermediate to Advanced, 90 minute Lesson, for your C Harmonica)  You Also Get My Brand New Blues, Rock, Gospel and Country Compilation Online Video Lesson:Rock, Blues and Country Harmonica #1 Accelerate through 3 distinct stages: From “I’ve got no clue and think I stink”; And then on through “This is easy and I’m actually having a good time”; Straight to “I’m ready to play for friends and family and show everyone a good time”. (You’ll be jamming with other musicians before most people have ever learned their first song.) (Level: Intermediate, 110 minute Lesson for your C Harmonica)    Online Video Lesson:Blues Harmonica #2 Why do I think you’re going to love this lesson? Because, within the first 30-minutes, you will learn to play with so much feeling that both you and the people listening will be moved and inspired hearing you play. You will learn the tricks for playing Headshakes, Hand Techniques, Throat Vibrato and Dip Bends (Level: Intermediate,109 minute Lesson for your A,C,D, F and G Harmonicas)    Online Video Lesson:Blues Harmonica #3 Owning the 12-Bar Blues Progression Easily master the 12-Bar Blues. How to use the power of notes of tension and notes of resolution for “climaxing your solo”. Sound like a pro by playing Octave Shakes (Little Walter style), the Tongue Switch Shimmer, Bent Throat Vibrato, the Growl, and Dominant 7 Arpeggios that sound awesome. (Level: Advanced, 106-minutes Lesson for your A,C,D, and F Harmonicas)    Jam Along:Blues, Rock, Funk And Country Jam Tracks This is a jam-along audio designed to help you enjoy the feeling of letting it loose! It will enable you to practice applying the things you’ve learned on my lessons to a variety of musical playing situations. (Level: Any, 40-minute Audio for your A,C, Eb, F and G Harmonicas)  Extra Special Bonus Instant Video LessonHarmonica For Kids: The Easiest Instrument Made Easier Would you like to bring happiness to a kid’s life? With this lesson you can make a kid super happy.    JP! I played the Kids Harp lessons with my 6-year-old granddaughter over the weekend. She became so excited it wasn’t long before she was instructing me. She was, or I should say WE were, having so much fun making music and memories. Thanks again. ~ Michael Lane (Indiana)   Online Metronome Using our special Metronome you can progress, faster! Struggling to play a song or a riff? Try playing it to a much slower beat with our special mentronome and then gradually increase the metronome beats till your song or riff is fully up to speed!   If you were to take private lessons with me over the phone, it would cost you over $1,950 to receive all the harmonica lessons you’ll get in this complete bundle. (If you’re interested in one-on-one lessons from me, please email [email protected] – lessons cost $100 an hour.) I understand that many people can’t afford to have me instruct them privately, so my online video lessons are the most cost-effective way for you to receive my complete system directly. With my instant online access you will get almost 20 hours of play along instruction!

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