Karen Lustrup – Secrets Revealed: Palmistry

Karen Lustrup – Secrets Revealed: Palmistry

Karen Lustrup – Secrets Revealed: Palmistry

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Karen Lustrup – Secrets Revealed: Palmistry What you’ll learn    Be empowered by adding a new skill to your already growing metaphysical studies!    By the end of this course you will have learned how to navigate Palmistry and be able to read the palms of others.Requirements    Keep a new journal specific for this course to make notes as you go.DescriptionEverything you need to know to get YOU started on the path of reading palms. Ever wondered if the lines in your hands were more than just ‘crinkles’? Are they unique? Do they point towards and represent significant times in our lives? Do they reveal momentous personal clues that are hidden in plain, clear sight? Are we clueless about this very map – what I called our “God’s Map in my book (year 200) “Palmistry – Our God’s Map’. Get immediately download Karen Lustrup – Secrets Revealed: PalmistryFrom the moment of birth you have carried this map with you that will lead and guide you, much like a blueprint,  a Natal Chart in Astrology. What we do with it is up to nothing but Free Will, but then again… – What is Destiny?Find out.Enroll today!4hr+ video course that takes you from the very first necessary essentials to the major lines and signs that bring together a full picture of what is going on.Who this course is for:    This is a course for anyone with a keen interest in the subject. Everyone can learn it.

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