Karla Marie – Audience Builder Bootcamp

Karla Marie – Audience Builder Bootcamp

Karla Marie – Audience Builder Bootcamp

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Karla Marie – Audience Builder Bootcamp   What if you could quickly build an audience of thousands of readers who are excited to read every book you self-publish and eager to leave you glowing, authentic reviews?… You absolutely can!  You’re an amazing author. You’re an awesome ebook self-publisher. You deserve to have your books seen by readers who will love them. I want to show you exactly how… “Audience Builder Bootcamp” gives you a step-by-step action plan to build a big mailing list in weeks and launch even your very first ever self-published book with scores of REAL reviews from readers who love your books.   “Audience Builder Bootcamp” bridges the gap, taking you from “nobody” author/publisher with no mailing list and zero reviews, to an author/publisher with “buzz” that has an audience of thousands of hungry fans who are eager to read every book you write and jump at the chance to leave you genuine, raving reviews on Amazon. Here is what you get with your step-by-step blueprint “Audience Builder Bootcamp”:   The mindset you need to go from self-publishing newbie to potential Amazon Bestseller    How to write/publish to market and make sure readers actually WANT the books you create   How to create a “Lead Magnet” book to attract thousands of readers to your mailing list   How to get clear on your “brand message” and communicate authentically and from the heart with your audience   The ins-and-outs of choosing a mailing list platform   How to use next-to-free platforms to build your mailing list of readers fast   How to quickly build your mailing list with Facebook Ads   How to easily, step-by-step get dozens of reviews on your book on Amazon, even if it’s your very first published book!   How to recruit dozens (or hundreds) of ARC (Advance Review Copy) readers who are excited to leave you voluntary raving, honest and authentic reviews on your books on Amazon Don’t wait! Get started with “Audience Builder Bootcamp” now and watch your audience of eager readers and glowing reviews on your books skyrocket.  This is FOUNDATIONAL for building a self-publishing business with longterm vision that brings in consistent earnings month after month.

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