Katrina Ruth Programs – 7 Figure business training and leadership training

Katrina Ruth Programs – 7 Figure business training and leadership training

Katrina Ruth Programs – 7 Figure business training and leadership training

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Hi gorgeous! I don’t even quite know where to start with this one, there’s so much buzzing up in my head about it! Do you? No? Okay I guess I will then  It’s been QUITE the little while coming, I know that … And it has QUITE the insane amount of instantly-applicable content in it which I get to share with you! And it is QUITE quite exciting, actually! Man! I wish I knew all of this when I started out … instead of flying around the Internet feeling largely blindfolded and handcuffed while also wading the fuck through energetic quicksand trying to figure out which way is up, what really matters, where to start, how to join anything together, how to create a clear pathway for peeps to go down to get to know me, follow, and, well, buy! Now? Well. Now, after 13+ years of doing business online, it’s safe to say I’ve had enough laps around the block to know a thing or two about a thing or two.   I know how to engage.   I know how to market.   I know how to MAGNETIZE baby.   I know how to monetize the FUCK out of anything (including, mostly, me just being me!)   I know how to launch like a damn pro … systematically … automatically … in a matter of HOURS, as well, from idea to sale, if I want (and I do!)   I know what to do when a launch is tanking   I know how to add a consistent 25-40% EXTRA on top of any launch using relevant upsells, add-ons, extras, cross-sells and so on   I know how to turn over as much as 90k per WEEK (top end, bottom end is 10k/ week, usually somewhere in middle) from my funnels, and that’s on TOP of the ‘live’ income which comes through from whatever my newer offers are   I know how to build community that MATTERS, where it feels amazing for everyone in it, and people just want to be AROUND me, stay around, get to know each other, become a family   I know how to do only what matters each day, be freaking consistent, move the needle with every move I make and every breath I take   I know how to build a team and also ensure that every member on that team is in their zone of genius, LOVES working with and for me, and also monetizes themselves, meaning, it only CREATES me money to pay my 13 employees and contractors   I know how to manage said team and ensure they’re also going WELL above and beyond my wildest expectations, train them to read my mind and do what I want before I even ask, and I know how to do all this without actually spending ANY time managing ’em … I am SO not about that haha, so I just automated and made easy the fuck out of it   I know how to leverage my content and every minute of my time so it is repurposed over and over again, and every word I write or speak basically becomes a little soldier in my business, making money for me!   I know how to do tech shiz niz, all of it necessary for online biz, and I also know how to ignore most of it ’cause it doesn’t matter. I know what DOES matter.   I know how to create new recurring income streams which can add as much as an extra 100k / month to my bottom line in ONGOING income. I know how to create that out of thin air in a matter of hours. In general, I know how to create a fuckload of money out of thin air in a matter of hours   I know how to set up my high-ticket such that my soulmate clients come to ME and sign ME up   I know how to grow my audience like wildfire and ONLY with soul aligned badasses who do the work, love to pay me, and are fun to work with   I know how to create funnels that are actually fun and easy to build and work right away AND you get emails daily (for real!) from people thanking you for selling to them   I know how to do ALL of business so that people thank you every day for selling to them!   I know how to track and grow my money   I know how to ALWAYS exceed my money goals   I know about the energy and spirituality of money (and of all of this)   I know how to know what will sell   I know how to sell something that is not yet created   I know how to create it on the fly, SO fast and easily, and also put it together and deliver it super easily and fast   I know how to systemise and heavily automate customer service without EVER taking the personal connection out of it   I know how to make ALL of this work so that people ONLY have good things to shout about you, and your refund rate is UNDER 0.1% … which is basically unheard of!!   I know how to grow my social media by just being me and screw all the rules   I know how to set and hold personal boundaries and policies, and only call in peeps who see you as the damn QUEEN   I know how to market sell and message all day every day just in and around living LIFE and without it EVER feeling like ‘work’, but yet resulting in millions of dollars of soul-aligned revenue made each year!   I know how to make FB advertising SO easy and natural, where people WANT to see your ads, and definitely wanna take action on them!   I know how to show up and be consistent   I know how to write sales pages that people want to read over and over again – or not read at all! – and then ALWAYS buy   I know how to overcome lack of motivation, lack of certainty, lack of know-how, the ‘I don’t wanna’s’, and the ‘I’m not good enough’s’s’   I know how to be a LEADER   I know how to train my mind and inner self ONLY for continual upgrades and success   I know how to make manifesting easy, fun, and YES   I know all the things you need to systemise and automate and actually have in place, how to do ’em What you REALLY DO need and want And what to ignore And I also knowhow to get into your soul and mind in a way that makes you actually WANT to do it, and makes it feel easy! I KNOW ABOUT ONLINE BUSINESS FROM SOUL ON YOUR TERMS JUST BY BEING YOU I KNOW ABOUT IT ALL JUST A LITTLE BIT  And now? In my brand new and SO long-awaited 7-Figure Business Systems and Leadership Training I’m going to teach you all of this Just for starters! And so much more Because I can!

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