Kick-Start your Fitness Journey

Kick-Start your Fitness Journey

Kick-Start your Fitness Journey

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Instructors: Making Spark,Rohil Dhaka

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Mr. ROHIL DHAKA India’s no 1 RISINGPRENEUR – Lifestyle & Health Coach. He lost 26 Kg in Just 3 months thought Healthy Eating (Nutrition) & Exercise…

He has changed more than 10 thousand people’s lives through his amazingly design output-oriented Training program. His Mission 2030 which is “10 lakh coaches in 10 years” for the betterment of India through his properly design RISINGPRENEUR TTT Program…

He has also a vision to transform 5 Crore families & 20 Crore individual life from his Training Program. He has uncountable achievement & Awards for his exceptional way of delivery & Counselling skills…


About His Transformation –

I understand the value of health when I gain so much of weight & I become 108 kgs, then I started facing so many physical as well as mental challenges,

One day I did my BMI test then I come to know that my biological age is 55 years & visceral fat is 18%, it was quite shocking for me, then I decided it’s enough I need to do something for my health.

Then I consult with so many Nutritionists then I came to know it’s all about Diet & Exercise. Nothing else the basic key is to make some lifestyle changes that make you fit day by day.

Then I started my journey, then I lost 24 kgs in 4 months, all this happens because I managed to change my diet & learn how to eat? & what to eat? & yes don’t forget the important factor, Exercise. Yes, Exercise is very important if you want good & sustainable Health.

Now I am working as a Lifestyle & Health Coach, my mission is to help those who are struggling to achieve their fitness goals.

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